“Elections Have Consequences” . . . By Barack Hussein Obama



ON JANUARY 23, 2009 . . . Barack Hussein Obama SMUGLY told Eric Cantor, who at that time was the House Republican Whip . . . “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day I won”.

Obama also said something similar to John McCain in a separate meeting with Senate Leaders, which was designed to discuss Obamacare before it became Law.


Obama went on to say at different venues . . . “Tough luck. You lost. Get over it”.

OK – Not in defense of Obama . . . I have to agree with those statements. However, WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE LEFT – MUST ALSO BE GOOD FOR THE RIGHT.


MY OPINION FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH . . . Is that President Elect Donald J Trump will neither be COWED by the Media, nor will he be INTIMIDATED by the LEFT, so as NOT to fulfill his most Important Campaign Promises as best he will be able to.

I truly believe that President Elect Trump will do all he can do to DRAIN THE SWAMP as he promised. And I also believe that he will be the most HANDS-ON President during my Lifetime. And I expect he will burn through staff who try to keep up with his energy.


PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP . . . will be TIRELESS, and will fight like a TERRITORIAL GRIZZLY BEAR to protect the American People and the AMERICAN DREAM. And I’m also quite secure in my belief that as President Elect Trump becomes more ensconced in the Oval Office . . . the MORE Conservative he will become.


As for the Crooked and Dishonest Media like the New York Times, who all of a sudden had a revelation, LIKE ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS, that they’ve been on the WRONG SIDE of the Great Divide, and that they are now going to REFOCUS their efforts towards more HONEST Journalism, away from their usual Editorial Journalism – IS BS!

Do you really believe the Dishonest Media would have had an EPIPHANY such as this, if Crooked Hillary had won?

HAD CROOKED HILLARY WON, these horrible Media Players would be dancing in the Streets, REVELING in how they helped to destroy the Man the people wanted to UPEND the “MONEY CHANGERS IN WASHINGTON”.

So don’t think for a nanosecond that the Crooked Media is REPENTING anything. The only remorse they’re having . . . is that they LOST . . . AND THE PEOPLE WON.


And don’t think the Media is done doing all they can to UPSET and USURP the Newly Elected President of the United States of America.

AND DON’T IMAGINE . . . Not even a little bit – that Obama was sincere when he told President Elect Trump in their one-on-one meeting, the part which was broadcast through the Media, that his Highest Priority is to have the BEST and SMOOTHEST Transition in the History of all Transitions, just like all the other EMPTY Promises made by Obama, about all the things that were just at the most convenient moment to him . . . were amongst his Highest Priorities, until the next Highest Priority Changed his Focus.

IN FACT . . . what I see to be OBAMA’S HIGHEST PRIORITY is how he will be able to DESTROY all his White House Records, which could and would INDICT him and much of his Staff for EGREGIOUS Crimes and Excesses committed in the name of the Oval Office.

IF ANNE AND I HAD THE MONEY . . . we would INVEST every penny into Shredders and Bleach Bit, because Wiping The Servers Clean might be the ONLY Real Priority Obama currently has on his agenda.


I am thrilled that the New World Order will be a return to the Old World Order, where Personal Decisions will be held Accountable. Where the Government will once again work for the People, opposed to the People working for the Government.

Where the Government will FEAR the People unlike the way it has become.

I am looking forward to the Day, which I believe is around the Corner, because of the Election of President Elect Trump, when Old-Fashioned VALUES will become FASHIONABLE AGAIN.

A LOT IS RIDING ON TRUMP . . . from the Economy, to National Security, to Energy, to the Supreme Court – but perhaps none more so, then what President Elect Trump has to do to RESTORE CONFIDENCE in the Legal System of America.

And part of that starts with the continued Investigations into the Clintons’ NEFARIOUS Foundations, which seem to me, to have been nothing more than a Money Laundering Operation, where Senator Clinton, and would be President Hillary Clinton, SOLD or TRADED Access to the US Government for Cash and/or Favors.

AS I WROTE IN MY LAST EDITORIAL . . . President Elect Trump will NOT live up to many of his Promises the way most people expect he should. And he will be PILLORIED for it in the Media, throughout the LEFT, and amongst Hardcore Conservatives. But I believe he will do his best to do all that he can . . .

BUT NONETHELESS . . . It will be up to Writers and Pundits like me, to Keep President Elect Trump’s Feet To The Fire, while also Defending Conservative Positions from the attacks from the LEFT and Dishonest Media.


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  1. WW III will come one day. If not for the reasons stated above, something else will trigger it. Human beings throughout history have shown that they cannot resist the call to war. Human restraint to conserve the peace has a limited shelf-life. The problem with WWW III is that humans may annihilate themselves with their nuclear weapons and poison nature beyond repair. Where is the LOVE for one another these days? It seems it is nowhere to be found. Armageddon is coming sooner rather than later!

  2. I do not trust Mr. nice guy Obama & I don’t think that Trump does either. There may be poison in that honey he is dishing out. We will have to wait and see.

  3. You never miss getting to the heart of the matter, Howard. We love it!

  4. f Obama and most members of the media ,the 4 major TV networks and some news print especially the Times were related to the dummy whose nose grew 2 feet every time he told a lie ,there would be a lot of people will very long noses and obama’s would be 4 feet long every time he moved his lips.

  5. Re your “epiphany” comment, I remember some smart assed kids damn near INTENTIONALLY running us down in OUR anchored boat with THEIR speeding hot rod speedboat, while we had kids in the water swimming in the middle of the lake. What they didn’t know was our 2 -255 horse motors would run away from theirs in rough water…we caught them and when they saw my baseball- bat fish club they were so “very sorry’…sorry my ass, only ’cause they were CAUGHT…must have been DEMOCRATS! Bud Farrell B-29

  6. President-elect Trump should follow Teddy Roosevelt’s advice; walk softly and carry a big stick.

  7. I watched the 60 minutes interview with Leslie Stahl and Trump and family. It can be found on you tube for those who are curious. I see a reasoned, thoughtful Trump, polite and well spoken family, all being treated with some contempt by the condescension of Mzzz (politically correct honorific <sarc) Stahl. It is well worth the 40 minutes to watch. I will not post the link so as to avoid running afoul of Mr. Galganov’s rules.

  8. The “protestors” are acting like the spoiled children they are – just like the ones I see in supermarkets throwing temper tantrums because their parents won’t buy them candy. Too bad. Tough toenail. What they will get instead is the medicine they need and deserve from Donald Trump. We had to endure 8 years of Obama – now we will have apply the cure to dig us out of the swamp. Oh, and George Soros – take a hike and quit financing MoveOn.org to foment the riots! You’re toast. Go away.

  9. I look for Obama to bad mouth Trump every chance he gets. Obama will not go away, if he wants a smooth transition he would tell those protesters to stop.

  10. I’ve not written much for a reason. Having been a participant, an aide, and a more than casual observer of politics and in particular Presidential politics, the one thing NO Candidate ever gets until they “win the prize” is to pull back the curtain,see who the man behind it is, and more importantly EXACTLY what it is that they DON’T know!! You are spot on, there are things he will never be able to fulfill from his campaign promises. But I accept that,….it’s got to be more, make us more

  11. Howard, you are SO correct about Obama! Now 6 days after the election & with 6 days of riots, the current Pres has been silent. Rather than encouraging the rioters to stop destoying innocent people’s property, his lack of comment encourages continuation them. They have the right to peacefully demonstrate but not to riot & destroy! The present USA governing party is encouraging anarchy. Is Obama’s plan to let anarchy grow until he can institute “martial law” & prevent Trump from taking over!

  12. I agree with George! Remember that Obama is the ultimate deceiver and that in Islam, tayquiaa is a practice that allows lying and deception in order to accomplish a goal or misled others.

    Trump needs to stay and be on guard. A smiling dog can seem harmless but can bite just as viciously as a growling one.

  13. HG, your editorial reminded me of a relevant saying: “We can ignore reality, but we can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Ayn Rand

  14. Why doesn’t Obama do anything to quell the insurgent protesters?
    Because George Soros is behind it all? Nah. Couldn’t be? Lol. I think I just answered my own question!

  15. Bob D and George P : RIGHT ON! Gerald Epp , agree. both He and Hilary should be stepping up and declaring: “Divided we may be but we are the UNITED STATES and we must work to ‘ broker the deal’-results for the growth of what and why this country was founded : RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND THE RIGHTS OF EVERY CITIZEN who legally worked hard ( or inherited the right) to become a United states America..Anna Guida

  16. The good news is that our new president did not gain tremendous affluence by being a poor judge of people nor situations. Likely, those close to him will be the best of the best at what they do. He has identified the objectives. Plan and execute as they are achievable.

  17. The most important outcome of the election is that he new media defeated the old for the first time. It did take a media wise candidate. The liberal media has been exposed.

  18. We have the liberals on the run. . .I guess they are going into Canada over the border lines at night. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Depends on where you stand I guess. Best wishes to those who are leaving this great country. I know you will not find what you think you are looking for but then, I guess that is your problem now. Have fun and don’t get lost in the suffle.

  19. Trump might not live at White House (probably needs to get “fumigated” and “thoroughly cleaned” after Obamas move out)! Perhaps “Penthouse Suite” is “safer” than White House (Muslims know this place after all their invitations to visit)? Sounds to me like Trump sees POTUS as a “job” (not an “opportunity” to make money for himself- he won’t take $400K salary per his interview on “60 Minutes”)! Hoping he is given a “chance” to do what he says! ASAP!

  20. In 1988 they were living in a $200K Condo in Chicago, now they are moving into a $5.4Mil. Manse. in Washington after spending millions on a lavish lifestyle. No bad for a guy that has no recorded education and wife who hated her Country for most of her early life. But it “ain’t over yet”, his tush is still in the White Castle and I am very sure he has a surprise exit strategy.

  21. The on going destruction should not fall only on the police in the affected cities. The reserves and army if necessary should stop the nonsense NOW. Bringing in the army is a long shot as you know who the commander in chief is, don’t you? If Soros can be proven to be financier of the riots, he should be convicted and sent to jail with no visitation rights or IT and then deported . We do not need his one world anything

  22. Here’s hoping Mr.Trump clears the swamp and also takes away the pols gravy train. Such as their unbelievable retirement, no Obama insurance and all the other things they have deemed for themselves. Let them live like the so called ‘deplorables’ that put them in office. Gashing of teeth we have never seen. I would like to see it come to fruitation.Billie

  23. I do believe that the NYT’s refocus on “honesty,” at this point in time is that they will be digging into anything and everything Trump they can get their hands on and reporting on it “discriminatory” just like they overlooked everything Clinton and reported it “discretionary.” They are not to be trusted! A tiger can’t change its stripes any more than a leopard can change its spots!!!!

  24. Howard the left never gives up this is why Obama is playing nice guy. If he attacked Trump then Trump would would retaliate. By sucking up he is going to try to keep as many of his left wing radicals in place in government positions as he can. Trump should realize this and clean house.

  25. Barack Hussein Obama CAN’T be trusted…period! His “nicey-nicey” attitude towards Trump, at this time, is suspect. For sure, he will leave his ‘MARK’ somewhere in the White House because he KNOWS that he has NO legacy, except to have RUINED our Country! Also if he DOES pardon Crooked Hillary, it will be because of HIS having been involved, somehow, in certain “crooked activities” with her. Just wondering if he’s DRAWN a RED LINE between him & Trump? If so, Trump doesn’t have to worry!!! AMEN!

  26. OB Airforce 1 tour 2 assure “Allies” DT will b OK; we know wot he’ll say privately, submersive. Incredible, media hasn’t got it, Trump was elected by a democratic society, stop whining n think positive, make USA great again, otherwise you WILL self destruct. We have a candidate for PC leader in Canada, initials KL who is gaining strength by alerting the public to the dangers of Liberal immigration practice, (like DT did), give her your support too. HG your editorials are superb. Congrats

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