A Media Tale Of Two Attacked Cities. Jerusalem and Baghdad.

If I could pose a multiple choice question to George W Bush. Here it would be:

If the destruction of the UN building in Baghdad was written up the way the Media cover attacks in Israel; this is the way much of the world Media would have done the story.

Dateline: Baghdad – August 19, 2003

Unknown “MILITANTS” blow up UN offices in Baghdad, killing at least 17, wounding scores of others.

Middle Eastern “MILITANTS” attacked the UN headquarters in Baghdad today with a powerful bomb hidden in a cement truck.

The attacker was compelled out of desperation to take his own life as a result of the humiliating occupation of his country.

The United Nations is acting in concert with the American and British occupiers, and has regrettably become a legitimate target of people who have suffered under the heel of foreign occupation.

Even though the Islamic world condemns this attack in the strongest of terms, the UN must realize that they are also responsible for forcing a desperate people to defend themselves with the only weapons they have.

In the spirit of conciliation, the Arab people of the Middle East request that the UN, and the other occupying forces, end their humiliating and illegal occupation, and send billions of US dollars to the governing council of the Iraqi people, which they will use at their discretion.

BUT: the way this attack was covered by the world Media, WAS the way it should have been covered.

They called the bomber a TERRORIST. They called the deaths MURDER. And they absolutely and UNCONDITIONALLY lamented this atrocious act.

The Media took editorial license in how they slanted their reports, showing the grieving survivors, friends, family members and UN co-workers.

And in NOT ONE report, did I hear anyone even whisper the words “show restraint”.

To the contrary; what I hear from the Americans, especially from President George W Bush, is that we will hunt down these TERRORISTS and bring them to justice. Dead or alive.

Just like the Americans took down the Hussein Pig Latin Brothers. Uday and Qusay.

AT VIRTUALLY THE SAME TIME, a massive explosion rocked another Middle Eastern city; this time, it was Jerusalem, where a commuter bus was blown to hell murdering 20 people, of which 6 were children. And perhaps as many as 100 more were wounded and maimed.

The very first things I heard from people in positions of real authority, who were not Israeli were:

From Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen): We deplore this terrible act, and have broken off discussions with Hamas. But, we hope this does not derail the “peace process”.

From George W Bush: We deplore TERRORISM everywhere, and implore the Israelis not to allow this to derail the “peace process”, and ask the Israelis to show restraint.

From the murdering TERRORIST Bastards: This attack is in retaliation to Israel’s attack on one of our leaders, and in no way contravenes our “truce”.

It seems to me, that the world Media and big shot politicians are twisting themselves into pretzels in their attempt not to see an equivalence between the nearly simultaneous murder of UN workers, and the murder of Israeli civilians. Children included.

If I could pose a multiple choice question to George W Bush. Here it would be:

Mr President, if more than 800 innocent Americans were murdered in unrelenting attacks, and thousands more wounded and maimed by TERRORISTS living next door to you in Cuba, who were humiliated at the American occupation of their country at Guantanamo Bay, what would you do?

Would you:

1) Heed the world call to show restraint?

2) Surrender Guantanamo Bay?

3) Negotiate with Castro on how to be conciliatory to the “militants”?

4) Abide by UN resolutions from rogue nations asking you to leave?

5) Tear down your security perimeter around the base?

6) Open your borders to all Cubans?

7) Try to understand why the Cubans are killing your people?

8) Refrain from calling the murderers TERRORISTS in lieu of militants?

9) Would you just go in there and wipe the murdering Bastards out?

Mr President; the world already knows your answer. So here’s my next question.

If you were the leader of Israel, given present and past circumstances, knowing how you would respond to a similar threat to the American people and to the very foundation of the USA.

What would you do?

I can ask the exact same question of France, if it was the Corsicans. Or of Spain, if it was the Basques. Or of the British, if it was the Irish. Or of any country with a culturally hostile population or a belligerent neighbor.

Would anyone reading this have to think twice of how the leaders of these countries would respond?

Israel: Build The Wall!

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  1. Greetings Howard , I admire your confidence , Your right to stand for Common sense and decency . We here in Texas are obviously for you 100 % , you’ve been a great influence and, a motivating factor during our struggles with very similar challenges. I wish you all the best and pray this mission doesn’t damage your health . I’ll keep you in my prayers ,as always .do please watch your back .Thanks for all you do, Bless you Sir , J

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