More Appeasement – More Dead Israeli Jews.

The diplomatic world led by Colin Powell has asked "ALL" sides to show restraint, so as not to destroy the Road Map.

Today; August 12, 2003, two suicide explosions rocked Israel causing death and destruction to Jews. Hamas claimed responsibility for at least one of the murderous attacks.

But not to fear. This doesn’t end the “Hudna” (cease-fire), according to Hamas. It was just a little tit for tat.

The other day, Hezbollah murdered a sixteen year old Israeli boy, and wounded others with a rocket attack upon Northern Israel, launched from the Arab side of the border where Syria and Lebanon meet.

The diplomatic world led by Colin Powell has asked “ALL” sides to show restraint, so as not to destroy the Road Map.

Did Colin Powell and the Americans show restraint when they were attacked on 9/11?

Did any country in the world ask the Americans to show restraint after 9/11?

To the contrary. The world communities came together in a common show of outrage and support for the USA; however the Americans were going to respond.

But somehow this is different. These are Israelis. More specifically: they are Jewish Israelis. And when Israeli Jews bleed and die, there is a different standard.

Powell is calling upon the Syrians to rein-in Hezbollah. It is like asking Charles Manson to rein-in his cadre of murderers.

Syria IS Hezbollah, as IS Lebanon and as IS Iran. And then there are the Saudis and the rest of the Moslem world. And Colin Powell knows it.

Ariel Sharon knows with whom he is dealing.

He knows all about Syria, Lebanon and Iran. He also knows all about Arafat and Abu Mazen. And more than anything, he knows all about President George W Bush and his Cabinet.

Sharon knows who in the US government is with Israel. And who is not.

Especially Colin Powell.

Sharon will continue to show restraint as long as it is in Israel’s BEST interest. And the moment it no longer is: watch out.

The Middle Eastern Arabs are going to be receiving a truckload of hurt from Israel, regardless of what Colin Powell asks of Israel in his two faced and double standard way.

Sooner, rather than later, this Road Map to Peace is going to blow up into a million pieces that will bring the Middle East back to where it was in 1967, just AFTER the 6 Day War.

And then the world will dump anew all over Israel with a fresh litany of charges.

And as a result of appeasement, nothing will have changed, other then the avoidable deaths of many hundreds of innocent Israeli Jews, including the maiming and wounding of thousands of others, in the West’s two faced attempts to make “peace” between a democracy and a host of Islamic Thugocracies.

All of this started with Oslo in 1993, when the world “conveniently” forgot that Arafat was a purveyor of TERROR and murder. And that the Middle Eastern Arab countries are run by nothing more than savages covered in a thin veneer of civil humanity.

We are also unable to measure the untold physical and psychological destruction heaped upon tiny Israel’s shoulders, simply because these “uppity” Jews refuse to march lock-step into a 21st century Holocaust in the making, at the hands of Islamists, thugs, murderers, thieves and Western APPEASERS.

Israel: Build The Wall!

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  1. “Besides . . . If I choose to run, I would be the one dishing-out the stress.”

    This sentence is an example of why I like you so much. Run and give them hell. You’re a fighter so go give it to the elected statist liberals.

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