Martin – Quebecois Bob, The Quebecois Internet Pamphleteer Of Disrepute.

Cretins like Martin, are devastated by the Internet. And every time they write their drivel, it only further erodes their case; as if they even have a case.

On Sunday, July 20, it was brought to my attention by Ed Sieb of Ottawa, a long time friend and social/political co-communicant who has contributed to Galganov Dot Com, that a Separatist, ethnocentric, Jew-baiting Quebecois nationalist sent a damning letter to Free Dominion, a Canadian Conservative think tank.

The Separatist is identified by his e-mail moniker as Martin.

I get a considerable amount of anti-Jewish hate E-Mail – much of it from Quebec. Generally, what it means to me, is that every time I get threats and insults, I have scored a direct hit.

Martin’s letters to me are no longer read. They are simply deposited in the trash where they belong.

However, that said: I believe it is important to give the Free Dominion readers some basic insight into Martin’s thought-process and mind-set. He is truly indicative of what is most wrong with the aspirations of ethnocentric Quebec.

Please do not consider for a moment that all of Quebec is a mirror of Martin. To the contrary. Quebecers on the whole are a fabulous lot full of Joie De Vivre and great generosity. They are also extremely sharp, well aware and tremendous competitors.

It is just too bad that there are many Martins in Quebec.

Cretins like Martin, are devastated by the Internet. And every time they write their drivel, it only further erodes their case; as if they even have a case.

Unlike Nazi Europe, the Iron Curtain and most Middle Eastern countries, where Freedom Of Speech is anathema to their societies: everyone with a computer and access to the Internet in democracies are publishers and media moguls unto themselves.

Even fools like Martin have access to having their voices “heard”. But for E-mail pamphleteers like Martin, E-mail cuts like a double edged sword. If he lies or distorts, he will be called out and exposed in the amount of time it takes to hit the appropriate number of key-strokes and press send.

The most important weapon in the battle for rights, equality and anti-racism is the Internet. Nothing has ever had the potential to shine as bright a light on liars, thieves and thugs as the Internet.

If it was true that the printed word is Mightier than the Sword when this statement was first penned. It is now true, that in the year 2003, the Internet is Greater than the Atomic Bomb.

Martin makes many claims that would have been extremely hard to refute and destroy prior to the Internet. He alludes for example: All French speaking Quebecois children finish school being completely bilingual, because they are “forced” to live and work in the English language, even in Quebec.

Not only is this false. It is a bare faced lie.

Only up to this year, French speaking and Ethnic Quebec children were PROHIBITED BY LAW from learning English in public schools until grade 4. And even at grade 4, it was only ONE HOUR per WEEK. The law is now changed to grade 3 and it is still just one hour per week. Premier Jean Charest wants to change it from grade 3 to grade 1.

You don’t learn much English in just 1 hour per week in any grade, especially when the French school board freely admits they don’t have many qualified teachers capable of teaching English.

Quebec’s graduating French students are as unilingual today, and even more so than yesterday because of Bill 101 and its restrictions on learning English. Martin sort of forgot to mention that it used to be a punishable offense for children to speak English to each other on French school grounds even during lunch and recess. For all that I know, it possibly still is.

My friend, Constitutional lawyer and President of Alliance Quebec, Brent Tyler recently won leave by the Supreme Court of Canada to argue before them in favor of French parents who demand that their children be offered English language education, so their children will not be left behind in a globalizing English speaking world.

Martin should also know that EVERY English speaking Quebec highschool graduate leaves school speaking French from really very good, to absolutely fluently.

It is mandatory in the English language school system to teach French the moment an English speaking child enters the school system. And not for just one hour per week. But rather, for many hours per day. And in much of the time – all day.

Martin also claimed; that even though I lived in Quebec my whole life, I can’t speak French.

He should know that I spoke French from my earliest recollection. I spent several years of my life, from 1996 to 1999 debating in French, on French language radio and French language television in live formats. I gave print interviews to major Quebec French papers whose reporters couldn’t speak English. No problem. We spoke in French.

He should also know that I virtually spoke only French to my Quebecois buddies from 1965 to 1968, when I was a Laval lifeguard, and hung with a French crowd from the University of Montreal.

So much for what Martin knows and doesn’t know.

The era of uncontested lies and slander are becoming a thing of the past because of the Internet. Martin, and people like him, can use the Internet all they want, in order to pander to like minded racists.

But, to thinking people who are willing to read beyond the hatred, and are eager to read dissenting opinions, the Internet has set us free. And the martins of the world will do more damage to their cause than good.

If Martin had any brains he would put away his keyboard and watch Reality TV where nothing is real.

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  1. I said it the last time and I will say it this time–RUN! Canada needs someone like you.

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