Con Job Of The Millennium.

Indeed; if there was an award for the greatest con job ever, it would go to the Palestinians who have gotten away with murder and are being rewarded for it.

If there was an award given for the GREATEST con job of the 20th and 21st century, the winner would be the Palestinian leadership. And the all-time dupes would be the Western Democracies who have been blindly supporting them.

Yasser Arafat is a man whose first claim to fame, was that he was the father of modern day TERRORISM.

His second claim to fame was surviving his enemies from without, and his enemies from within.

His third claim to fame is winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Never before has a man with so much blood on his hands, and so much pain and suffering attributed to his direct responsibility be given the ultimate tribute to peace.

His fourth claim to fame is his unbelievable wealth stolen from the nations who gave it for the benefit of his people.

His fifth claim to fame is how he has for more than two generations cursed his own people, by the millions, to live in hopeless squalor. And still be thought of as their saviour.

His sixth and most spectacular claim to fame is how he has survived in spite of all of the preceding.

Yasser Arafat has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that evil wins. That TERRORISM works. And that the international community is led by men of absolutely no principles.

He has also proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, at least to me, that the world is absolutely prepared to close its eyes to anything that is anti-Semitic, because since Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement of the 30’s and 40’s, no one has dedicated more time and effort in demonizing and killing Jews, than has Yasser Arafat, the Arab world that “supports” him and his Palestinian TERRORIST groups.

Indeed; if there was an award for the greatest con job ever, it would go to the Palestinians who have gotten away with murder and are being rewarded for it.

If their was a prize for dulicity, it would be The Road Map To Peace and the BILLION or more dollars the Palestinians will receive from the government of President George W Bush. All of this in addition to the BILLIONS of dollars Arafat has already received prior to his “Intifada”, and since Oslo in 1993.

The old saying that goes: “you can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but never all of the people all of the time” might not be quite as true as we once believed

Even though not everyone is fooled by Arafat, his Palestinian thugs and the rest of the Middle East Arab world, unfortunately, the people who matter most, seem to be the ones most willing to be fooled.

I wonder if President George W Bush will seek peaceful negotiations with Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein if they are ever found?

I wonder if he would accept a 3 month promise form Islamic TERRORIST groups not to kill Americans in exchange for the Americans to stop their pursuit of TERRORISTS who’ve murdered, or have had a hand in the murder of Americans?

I wonder if George W is willing to stop calling Osama’s boys TERRORISTS for the more politically correct adjective – MILITANTS?

I wonder if Bush The Second would be pleased to know that the Saudis are giving a billion dollars to murderers of Americans as Americans are giving to murderers of Jews?

There was never a country called Palestine. There was never a Palestinian people. And there was never a question of either: that is, not until Israel was reclaimed as the homeland of the Jewish people after its defeat at the hands of the Romans in 71 AD.

And now that there is once again a Jewish State, where Jews existed for almost 6,000 years, all of a sudden, a country that NEVER existed, and a people who also NEVER existed – magically do.

I just wish that Nobel, in his wisdom would have created a category for the Nobel Con Job of the Year. Then at least we could enjoy the irony.


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  1. As a child of God, saved by grace through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, I cannot believe that those of Westboro Baptist Church are truly “Christians” as you say. Were they genuinely CHRISTians, they would be showing Christ’s love and forgiveness knowing that except for God’s grace through Christ’s sacrifice, they would be no better off than those they malign.

    As for your running, I say — MORE POWER TO YOU!! We need someone like you in the U.S.

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