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It appears that after all is said and done, we're mostly all very much the same.

I don’t recall receiving as much response to any of my editorials as I have to my last one titled: “Serious Food For Thought” dated June 16, 2003.

I guess I’m just about as unique in my thoughts on ageing, and worrying, and dealing with no-goodniks, as just about everyone who reads my articles.

And here I was, thinking how different I am. I guess I’m not so special after-all.

It appears that after all is said and done, we’re mostly all very much the same.

It doesn’t change anything in a practical way to know that your concerns are shared by others, because it doesn’t reduce or change the reasons for the concerns. But it does let you know that you’re not alone. And that’s a pretty good thing being a comfort in its own way.

There were several common threads that ran through all of the e-mails I received. The first was:


The others were how much we all shared in our concerns of ageing, and our vulnerability in what amounts to a very fragile existence. Life is ephemeral for everyone.

I have no intention of discontinuing GALGANOV DOT COM. I will however write shorter articles and try to deal with a more varied selection of issues. But that said; being a political news junkie sort of precludes too many other topics.

I am extremely touched to have received so many kind, reassuring and supportive letters from people who regularly send me opinions. And from people I have never heard from, and didn’t even know existed since they are not in any of my directories.

One reader wrote to me saying: If I do nothing else but change the thoughts of just one person, then I will have made a significant contribution. I hope he is right.

Thank you all for your support and concern.

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  1. Here’s a better idea : Convert assets to cash ( avoids taxation on real property) Relocate to a friendlier climate where money talks and nobody else listens , Forget about these criminals running the world , enjoy the time you have left , it’s limited , You will NOT make a difference . YOU have to be ONE of these people to make a difference , ad if you are not NOW you never will BE .

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