George W Bush Is Not Acting Like Much Of A Friend To Israel.

Every time Israel extends an olive branch to the Arabs for peace, more Jews die.

It didn’t take HUNDREDS of Arab Suicide Murders carried out by TERRORISTS to convince the Americans to wipe-out their enemy. It took JUST ONE on 9/11.

True enough, the Americans were hit several times abroad, and once before at the Twin Towers in 1993. But it took ONLY one shot for the Americans to declare war on every Bastard who even hinted they were possible TERRORISTS or supporters of TERRORISTS.

The Americans also don’t refer to TERRORISTS who kill Americans as “militants” or “activists”.

They call people who randomly and intentionally murder Americans for the sake of murder in the promotion of TERRORISM just that – TERRORISTS.

The Americans traveled to Afghanistan to wipe out the Taliban and Al Qaeda. And they’re still hunting them down with an order to Capture or KILL any they find anywhere in the world.

AND then there’s Iraq.

Nothing that has become public, has tied the Iraqis to any attack(s) on Americans ANYWHERE. Including 9/11.

But that didn’t stop the USA from assembling a couple of hundred thousand troops, aircraft carrier battle groups, thousands of war planes, tanks, armored personnel carriers and a full array of high-tech combat gizmos: from satellites to on the ground GPS targeting systems.

All brought to CREAM any Iraqi who offered resistence to the American INVASION of their country. Just to take down one Middle Eastern thug who can’t be tied to anything bad that has happened either in America, or to Americans abroad.

Not that I care mind you. A wiped-out or neutered Saddam Hussein is fine by me.

HOWEVER; here is the HYPOCRISY. Israel has been living under TERRORIST attacks since and before its inception in 1948.

THOUSANDS of Israeli Jews have been murdered by Arab TERRORISTS within Israel and word-wide. TENS of THOUSANDS of Israeli Jews have been wounded and maimed physically and psychologically by TERRORIST attacks within Israel and world-wide.

And there is no shortage of Jews who are NOT Israelis who have also been murdered by Arab TERRORISTS within Israel and world-wide.

There is also NOT ONE Israeli family that has not PERSONALLY mourned the death of a close friend or relative at the hands of Arab TERRORISTS.

And every time Israel extends an olive branch to the Arabs for peace, MORE Jews die.

And every time the Arabs MURDER Jews as part of their “negotiating” tactics, the rest of the world, INCLUDING the USA, DEMANDS that Israel show “restraint”.

It’s remarkable how little restraint the Americans have shown when they were hit JUST ONCE.

It is equally remarkable how the American government and international media COULDN’T find any equivalence to Israeli Jews being murdered; to Americans being murdered by the same thugs.

For some extraordinary reason of misguided “logic”, what happened to Americans on 9/11, was in the minds of too many Americans, the media, and the rest of the world, VERY different to what happens to Israeli Jews every day.

For Israel: EVERY DAY IS 9/11!

I continue to follow what President George W Bush has to say about world politics, especially “HIS” war on TERRORISM.

And NOT once have I ever heard him say that the USA must show “restraint” and “negotiate” with the TERRORISTS who have murdered Americans.

None of us will ever live to see the day when Bush, or any other American President will be asked or expected to sit down with the likes of Osama Bin Laden, Taliban leader Mullah Omar or Saddam Hussein to “NEGOTIATE” anything.

YET; isn’t this exactly what President Bush and the rest of the world keep DEMANDING of Israel?

Why should Israel be compelled to sit down in negotiations with men whose hands are dripping with Jewish blood? Much less “perform” the perfunctory hand-shake?

The Americans, in their NEVER ENDING quest to suck up to Arab murderers for the oil riches under their sand, continue to sell-out the Israelis.

George W Bush’s condescending policy of: “don’t do as I do; do as I say” to Israel is abysmal. It is beneath the man who claims to stand tall for Freedom, the Rule of Law and the Defense of Democracy.

What George W Bush is doing to Israel, will come back to bite him and the Israelis on the ass.

In his way, Bush is behaving just as badly to the Jews of Israel, as Israel’s declared and not so declared enemies. Shame on you George W Bush.


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