Prime Minister Jean Chrétien Has Disgraced Canada.

For the longest time, I have characterized Jean Chrétien as a man who stands for nothing. If possible, I now believe that he in fact stands for even less than nothing.

As I sit and watch the images of uncontrollable jubilation by the Iraqis over their LIBERATION within Bagdad and elsewhere, I am even more depressed over Chrétien’s disgraceful position and humiliation he heaped upon the people of Canada.

Chrétien, who might or might not be a coward, has nonetheless portrayed Canada as a nation of cowards and an unreliable friend.

For the longest time, I have characterized Jean Chrétien as a man who stands for nothing. If possible, I now believe that he in fact stands for even less than nothing.

When the American troops return home as LIBERATING HEROS to tickertape parades, we will sit in a profoundly embarrassed silence in the full knowledge that not only were we not even a little part of the great victory for the freedom of the Iraqi people: WE WERE AGAINST IT!

President George W Bush was right all along. The Iraqi people will take to the streets in celebration to welcome the LIBERATORS: THEIR LIBERATORS.

They will remember the Americans, the British, the Australians and perhaps even the Poles, Bulgarians and Spaniards who all committed troops.

But there will be no memory of Canada.

Jean Chrétien has guaranteed Canada a place in obscurity. He has made it so that our country will be remembered only for what we DID NOT DO.

If what I am writing seems to you to be an orgy of furious personal feelings; IT IS!

I can not even begin to convey the level of my disdain for what Jean Chrétien has done to MY COUNTRY. I can’t ever possibly communicate my level of hurt caused by this moron, that words alone could ever explain.

Chrétien is a Canadian DISASTER. But so are the other Liberal jerks who want to be Prime Minister.

Because Paul Martin never said anything; his silence makes him no less culpable than Chrétien. John Manley rose in the House of Commons to applaud Chrétien’s declaration that Canada WILL NOT BE standing with the USA. Neither of them are any less guilty.

The ONLY Canadian politician to stand up for what was right, noble and our duty was STEPHEN HARPER of the Canadian Alliance. And no matter how long it takes for the Liberals to call the next election, the shame and fallout of our abandonment of our “best” friend will only intensify.

And when the next federal election finally comes, I hope every Canadian who isn’t too stupid to realize what Chrétien and his party did to us in their rejection of our duty, votes for the ONLY federal leader who stood up in a significant way for Canada to join our best friend in the Coalition of The Willing.

Canada deserves far better than Jean Chrétien and his Liberals. Quebec deserves Jean Chrétien. But not Canada.

When the American and British troops come home to their cheering crowds, I will see a void where Canada should have been cheered on as well. I will see an insignificant little country that could have been a contender. But not any more.

Thank you Prime Minister Chrétien. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING!

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  1. Go for it, Howard! I can’t vote for you, but I sure can donate my widow’s mite. If everyone on your mailing list would just donate $10, $25, or $100, $1,000 or more if they have it, you would be off to a good start. If any of your readers are on Facebook, they could help a lot. I forward all your articles to everyone in my address book. Please post your address for donations via postal service. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    Leta Buhrman, Warner Robins, GA

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