Oh Canada – What’s Happening?

To read about it in the French and English news, it's almost as if it's no big deal. What's TEN BILLION DOLLARS amongst friends?

Let’s take a break from the war for a moment to discuss Canada. And since Canada revolves around Quebec, this article will be mostly about Quebec. SURPRISE!

Quebec is in the midst of a provincial election that excludes almost 20% of its population, since the three main leaders refuse to debate in the English language, and almost one fifth of Quebec is comprised of English speakers and Ethnics, 1/5 of the electorate are somewhat disenfranchised.

JEAN CHAREST: The English community will be voting en masse for Jean Charest’s provincial Liberals, even though he won’t debate in English, promises to maintain Quebec’s anti-English racist language law Bill 101, and maintains that Quebec is indeed a distinct society.

As far as the Liberal’s are concerned; why bother sucking up to the Anglos? Who else will they vote for?

MARIO DUMONT of the ADQ is quickly becoming as irrelevant as a fighter from the Iraqi Special Republican Guard. A great warrior until he has to actually fight.

BERNARD LANDRY of the PQ promises with sincerity to plunge Quebec even more so into a State controlled society, and the Québécois dead-heads love it. He also promises “sovereignty” when the time is right. They really don’t like to use the correct definition of what they want. SEPARATISM. I think the word embarrasses them.

KEITH HENDERSON of the Equality Party, the ONLY group campaigning on a platform of EQUAL CIVIL LIBERTIES AND RIGHTS is abandoned by the very people whose rights are used as a doormat by the Parti Québécois, the Action Democratic and the Liberals.

Beside the fact that I would vote for Keith Henderson and his Equality Party because I believe in what they stand for; I would vote for them anyway, simply because they are not any of the other three.


THE CAISSE DE DEPOT ET PLACEMENT DU QUEBEC, Quebec’s government administered pension fund has LOST about TEN BILLION DOLLARS in actual pension money in the space of just one year, not to mention the loss of interest the fund should have generated if they weren’t so incompetent and dishonest.

To read and hear about it in the French and English news, it’s almost as if it’s no big deal. What’s TEN BILLION DOLLARS amongst friends?

JEAN CHRÉTIEN’S decision to screw the Americans and then rub their face in it is having crippling effects on the hospitality industry, especially within Quebec.

I know this for a fact, since my company (of 21 years) is Canada’s single largest private hospitality marketing, promotional and advertising agency.

And not only did Chrétien do it to the Americans in the name of Canada, he did it to them for Quebec. But that’s for another editorial coming soon.

AIR CANADA is operating under a proposal into bankruptcy, which is totally unlike the American Chapter 11. Although there is “some” bankruptcy protection, it is exclusively up to the creditors whether Air Canada lives or dies. That is, if Ottawa doesn’t bail them out.

For me; Air Canada should just be left to wilt on the vine. Canada does not need a “national” airline. It needs many carriers which will offer competitive prices.

Open the friendly Canadian skies to all comers and imagine how nice it would be for any of us to look at prices and schedules between Montreal and Toronto for example; offered by Sky West, Delta, American or any other airline which REALLY wants to compete.

Ottawa will probably intervene to save Air Canada simply because its head office and maintenance center is in Quebec; even though Ottawa had very little problem watching Alberta based CANADIAN AIRLINES disappear.

BOMBARDIER: Junk bonds anyone? Here’s another Quebec based company feeding off Canadian largesse whose time to pay the piper has come. More federal tax dollars from Ontario and Alberta will be spent to keep Bombardier going. Another great Canadian (Quebec) “success” story.

BLOC QUÉBÉCOIS: Ottawa discovers that the Separatist Bloc Québécois were (are) cheating the electoral system WITHIN Ottawa’s ridiculous election financing rules.

And even though Canada’s chief electoral officer, Jean Pierre Kingsley warned the federal government about it as far back as 1996, the “Bloc Double Dip” still goes on unabated. What the hell, it’s only tax dollars from Ontario and Alberta.

THE GOOD NEWS: Even though I still have to pay for the deficiencies of Quebec through my federal tax dollars, at least I don’t live there. And at least their sickness only costs me a few bucks, and not a few more points on my blood pressure.

BETTER NEWS: The American led coalition is kicking ass in Bagdad. And all the wimps, whiners and international malcontents are trying to find some way to get onboard the Good Ship USA, even after it has long left the dock.

AND THE BEST NEWS: The Americans went into enemy territory with all guns blazing and brought out American army POW Jessica Lynch, proving once again: AMERICA ROCKS!

And you ask yourself: Why did he include the last two paragraphs about the USA in an editorial that is supposed to be about Canada?

Simple. Canada had a chance to be a part of history. And instead, Chrétien chose to side with the paragons of irrelevance. This makes us a negative part of the American experience run by a Québécois doofus.

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH: Wherever an EQUALITY PARTY candidate is running in Quebec. VOTE EQUALITY TO BE EQUAL.

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  1. Howard,
    Running for public office is the LEAST effective thing you could do! So what’s the point of wasting your time and other peoples’ money?! Don’t encumber your voice & opinion with the trappings of politics. You will become one of THEM…that’s the way the system works…don’t do it!

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