There Is No Equivalence Between Israel’s Right To Exist And Quebec’s Right To Whine.

Francois is very critical of how I demean Quebec's aspirations, while at the same time I applaud Israel's right to determination.

One of my Québécois apologist readers by the name of Francois, sent me an E-MAIL drawing some form of equivalence between Quebec’s right for destiny, and Israel’s right for survival. Francois is very critical of how I demean Quebec’s aspirations, while at the same time I applaud Israel’s right to determination.


Quebec and the Québécois people are a composite of many religions, cultures and languages. The fact that Quebec is mostly French speaking makes it no different in a linguistic respect than Cameroon, Algeria, Morocco or Haiti; other than for the accents.

Language is simply a tool for communicating. Making it more than that is to establish a cultural legitimacy that does not exist nor deserve to exist. The fact that I speak English does not make me Australian.

That said: There is not a world-wide hatred towards French speakers, let alone French speakers from Quebec. The world has not spent thousands of years devising ways to disenfranchise and murder French speakers, especially from Quebec. There never were state sponsored Pogroms against French Speakers, especially from Quebec. And there was never a Holocaust against French speakers, also especially from Quebec.

Before the Second World War, Jews worldwide were treated horribly just about everywhere, but what could we do. We were made to understand, more or less, that we were just “guests” in whatever nation we called home at that time. And this does not exclude Canada or the USA.

During the lead-up to the Second World War, Jews in grave jeopardy were turned away from virtually all borders where they could have been saved. And during the Second World War, allied forces refused to bomb the rail lines which brought Jews by the millions to the Nazi death camps. After the Second World War, surviving European Jews were made to languish in REAL refugee camps with no where to go. Canada’s policy at that time was: NONE IS TOO MANY.

In 1948, the UN finally made good on a promise that was long overdue, and allowed Jews to reclaim a spit of land that was without any natural resources other than rocks, dust and weeds. And to just about the whole world, even after the Holocaust, that was still TOO MUCH to give the Jews.

64 years after the end of the Second World War, much of the world still hates Jews, and will deny us anything, even that pitifully small piece of dry land in the middle of nowhere.

This minuscule piece of land we call Israel is surrounded by hundreds of millions of Islamists who want to see Jews dead at any cost. It is also the only spot on earth where the entire world population of just 13 million Jews can know, that whatever happens anywhere, they have a place where they will not be judged, based solely upon their religion and culture.

For Quebecers to pretend that they are an oppressed or humiliated people is in fact an absurd joke, and an insult to the intelligence of any person of reasonable mind. However; to understand the history of anti-Semitism, and to see the near daily carnage carried out against a democratic people in a little spit of land, and to somehow draw some equivalence of any kind to the Québécois debate, is in itself an insult of the highest order.

Quebec can play the victim all it wants. The Québécois nationalists can hold one referendum after another, and debate their ‘lofty” nationalist goals in boutiques, cafes, at hockey games, while cruising in their SUVs or vacationing in Florida, dressed in designer clothes, while crying all the while how downtrodden Quebec truly is. But that doesn’t change the reality, that the people of Quebec live a charmed existence in a democratic western style democracy where they enjoy substantially more government influence then their numbers justify.

After all is said and done, and after all the ballots are counted in whichever referendum the Québécois ethnocentrics decide to hold on any befuddled question, and after Quebecers spend the billions of English dollars they receive from Ottawa, there will still be a Quebec, and a Québécois people who will never have to worry about being blown to pieces simply because they are Québécois.

No one will blow Québécois children up at a Pizza Hut, or at a bus stop while they are heading off to school. And no one will drive the Québécois people into the St Lawrence River or try to murder every last Québécois simply because they are Québécois.

So where in the world does Francois, like so many other ethnocentric Québécois apologists come off finding any form of equivalence between their dream world battle for whatever they can make up, and the real world battle for the survival of Jews?

I have heard a great deal over the years about the poor mistreated Québécois. The humiliated Québécois. The disenfranchised Québécois. And frankly, I have heard more than enough. The Québécois have got to be amongst the greatest whiners on the face of this planet. Crying degradation and humiliation all the way to the bank.

Francois, as well as any other Québécois, has no conscionable right to ever compare their pitiful ethnocentric arguments about their less than terrible plight living within Canada, to a people who have spent 5763 years fighting for survival only because they are Jews.

Not only does Francois demean real victims of a racist world, but it illustrates just how stupid his argument for a Québécois state really is.

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  1. Congratulations.
    Sure wish we had “honest politicians”. I guess that term will remain an oxymoron. Keep up the good fight.

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