Lebanon’s Ambassador Shows His True Grit.

What happened with the Lebanese Ambassador to Canada is simple. He got caught telling the truth, and said what he really and truly believed.

Lebanon’s Ambassador to Canada is quite upset that OUR country has finally decided to do the right thing and shut down the terrorist group Hezbollah from operating within our borders.

Now that Chrétien’s Liberals in Ottawa have finally seen the light, whether they wanted to or not, they did the right thing and its bye, bye, Hezbollah.

However; that is not where it finishes. Now, the Lebanese Ambassador to Canada is claiming that a Zionist and Jewish “group”, owns and controls 90% of the Canadian media, and has thus forced the government of Canada to do the bidding of the Jews.

More than that, he states that our Canadian Jewish group is even more powerful than the United States of America. WOW!

All of this would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad and serious, especially the part where he makes a DIRECT THREAT against Canadians traveling abroad in Arab countries; specifically within Lebanon. If you want to be safe, don’t wear Canadian “T” shirts he advises.

To the great credit of the Canadian Lebanese Community, their spokes people are just about as outraged by his horrible comments as are the spokes people of Canada’s Jewish community. Who says that Arabs and Jews can’t agree?

This should serve as a tremendous lesson to people who think that despotism is no big deal. Our relationship with the Middle Eastern Arab world is great, but only up to the point where we actively disagree. Then the relationship deteriorates to threats.

One also has to take into account the duplicity of what the Middle Eastern Arabs convey in thought. When called to task for his terrible remarks, the Lebanese Ambassador said that his remarks were intended solely for an Arab audience. He says that he would have used different words if it was intended for a western audience.

This is the argument the Israelis have been making for years. Unfortunately, it has been an argument which has fallen upon deaf ears. In Arabic, Yasser Arafat extols Palestinians for murdering Jews. But in English, he condemns violence against civilians.

What happened with the Lebanese Ambassador to Canada is simple. He got caught telling the truth, and said what he really and truly believed.

As a segue between societies; here is Lebanon, through its Ambassador to Canada, threatening us because he disagrees with one of our INTERNAL policies. That’s the way it is done in the Arab Middle East.

Yet, in contrast, yesterday, there was the Prime Minister of Israel making a speech defending himself from accusations of political improprieties on national Israeli television when he was abruptly cut off in mid speech, because an Israeli judge decided that his speech contravened the rules of campaigning.

Will anyone be imprisoned, beaten up, tortured or murdered because the Prime Minister was so unceremoniously DUMPED? Not in Israel they won’t. But in any Arab Middle Eastern country; had anyone done that to one of the Arab leaders, it would be an act of suicide. AND THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE.

This distinction is not dealt with in our Liberal Western media. As a matter of fact, our media tends to hide this glaring difference as if it would be some kind of cultural insult to shine a bright light on a corrupt and damaged system, so much so, that the words Islamist and Arab are virtually NEVER used, even when they are extremely appropriate in relation to events.

This past week; five men were arrested in England for possessing a deadly toxin that might or could be used in a terror attack. First, we heard that the men were North Africans. North Africa is a pretty expansive area. Then we heard that theyre Algerian. And that’s it.

Why aren’t they described as Arab Moslems? After-all, wasn’t it Arab Moslems who declared war on the West and modernity? Why not call them what they are? When Israeli settlers attack Arabs in the disputed territories, the attackers are ALWAYS Referred to as JEWISH. Isn’t that as clear a double standard as can be illustrated?

The way I see it. Mr Lebanese Ambassador to Canada did us all a service by giving us a peak under the Middle Eastern Arab veneer. In the case of the Middle Eastern Arabs, what you see is not necessarily what you get.

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