1,000 MILLION is ONE BILLION – That’s How Much Money Ottawa Has Stolen.

Is one Liberal apologizing for this outrage? Has one Cabinet Minister come forward to say that we screwed up?

Ottawa set up a useless gun registry for the benefit of no one but their bureaucratic selves. And in the process, they managed to STEAL ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS from the Canadian people.

Let me put this into perspective. One CatScan machine costs about ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Canada could have bought ONE THOUSAND of them. Yet, we wait months for CatScan tests.

It takes up to $100,000 to properly train a radiologist. With the money Canada squandered on this absolutely useless and stupid gun registry, Canada could have trained TEN THOUSAND radiologists.

MORE than ONE MILLION CANADIAN CHILDREN go to school hungry every day. At a cost of well under $2 per child, Canada could have fed 1,000,000 school children one breakfast meal every school day for about TWO YEARS.

Canada had to recall our fighting troops from Afghanistan because the military ran out of money. We didn’t even have enough money to dress them properly for desert warfare. However; for a gun registration very few people wanted or needed; there was ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS. And we still don’t have the damn registry.

You don’t need me to tell you what can be done for the betterment of Canadians with ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS. You can well imagine without my help.

HOW THE HELL can a department spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS on a data base? For a couple of hundred dollars, anyone can buy a copy of EXCEL. Or for a few thousand dollars, the government could have had anyone of thousands of highschool kids design a first rate database with all the bells and whistles. BUT NOSIREE. Canada has to spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Of course, not all of the money went into designing the database. There were fortunes spent in acquiring office space, office furniture, computers, phone systems, vehicles and all the other trappings of running a first class business.

Then there was the advertising campaign. The expensive literature, graphics, radio and television production, newspaper and magazine ads. There were media buyers, media analysts and marketing specialists. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can’t have a huge campaign and a marketing endeavor without meetings. LOTS OF MEETINGS. Meetings that require full-fare airline travel, mostly first or business class. And then there are the expensive hotels, car rentals, taxis and limo services. And we can’t forget the dining. Meetings are nothing without the dining; breakfast, lunch, supper and cocktail parties. Everyone important gets an expense account.

And what do the people meeting discuss? MORE MEETINGS OF COURSE.

And that’s how, and where Chrétien’s Liberal government PISSED away ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS.

Is one Liberal apologizing for this outrage? Has one Cabinet Minister come forward to say that we screwed up? Has anyone in government accepted that this is a monumental screw up? NO! NO! NO! They want MORE money!

The government of Canada is GUILTY of gross negligence at best, with fraud and theft at worst. You can bet your next tax dollar the government spends, that the people whom the Chrétien government hired and purchased services from for this obscenity were all good little Liberals, who in some way or another have taken care of the Liberals in power, and who will take care of the Liberals after they leave power.

Chrétien railed against Mulroney’s Conservatives for dishonesty. And he was right. But compared to Mulroney’s Conservatives, Chrétien’s Liberals are like the Hell’s Angels.

People should be going to Jail for this economic CRIME against the Canadian population. The Liberals STOLE ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS. Someone has to pay.

But given the nature of Canadian voters. On average, they are far TOO STUPID to even understand that the Liberals broke into their lives and stole a part of their well being.

Chrétien stole from every child who goes to school hungry every day.

Chrétien stole from every person who has to wait months for a CatScan.

Chrétien put our soldiers at far greater risk than they already have to face.

Jean Chrétien, and everyone of his Ministers who had any shred of involvement in this ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLAR theft, must be held accountable. Including Paul Martin who was the keeper of the financial keys when all of this was happening.

But that won’t happen anytime soon. Chrétien and his Liberals will walk away from the CRIME SCENE simply because the people are TOO STUPID!

It sort of makes you wonder why anyone who can leave this country and move South, even bothers staying here.

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  1. Howard and Anne, Congratulations on 41 years of marriage and many more, without whipping a dead horse who remembers the “Nick the Greek” fumble so many years ago? He was drummed out of the sports industry for voicing an opinion either of his own or that of someone else, still it was an opinion, guess we’ll start burning books next.

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