Where Have All The Soldiers Gone – Long Time Passing?

In defense of our troops: They're GREAT. They go overseas under equipped, and over burdened. And with whomever we fight beside, Canadians are lauded for our ability to take a punch, and to deliver one too. All in spite of our HORRIFIC politicians.

Under Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Canada has become an international shadow of its former self. This week, we heard from our UNELECTED Senate, that we should pull back all of our military troops stationed worldwide, simply because we can no longer afford to sustain them. What a colossal embarrassment.

This decay of Canadian honor didn’t start with Chrétien. It goes all the way back to Lester B Pearson, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for “inventing” peacekeeping. What a “liberal” concept.

Here was pompous Canada, running all over the world with our blue UN berets, telling all the little buggers how to play nice. While in reality, wars tore the world apart on virtually every continent except North America, where we have a BIG friend to keep the little buggers away from our shores. Until now and 9/11, that is.

Well; we played nice. We lectured the world on how to play nice. And all the while, we knew that we were safe as long as the Americans were there to keep us safe. So; if the USA was going to play the role of the world heavy, we might as well play the role of the world nice guy, and suck up to everyone from whom we could profit.

And if we were going to be the world’s nice guy, then of what need was there to properly staff, train, arm and equip a fighting military. After-all, the Americans would never let any harm come to Canada. Therefore; instead of spending money on defense, we spent it on everything else. Including bloated foreign aid to the little buggers.

Pearson got the demilitarization ball rolling, Trudeau brought it to a higher level, and except for one brief period during Mulroney’s two terms in office, it continued to degrade to the point where Canada’s military has now become a world laughing stock.

In defense of our troops: They’re GREAT. They go overseas under equipped, and over burdened. And with whomever we fight beside, Canadians are lauded for our ability to take a punch, and to deliver one too. All in spite of our HORRIFIC politicians.

Within a very short time frame, the world will REALLY be at war. The USA, and whomever has the courage and might to stand for freedom from terror, and for democracy, will be invading Iraq. And with this impending war, might come a much larger conflict with the rest of the Moslem world. And where will Canada be?

We will offer to supply communications, use our pathetic “fleet” to sail around the Mediterranean or Gulf, and provide various types of logistical support. Simply because that is all we are able to bring to the table.

It was terribly embarrassing when Canadian troops, who landed in Afghanistan had no way of getting themselves and their equipment to the war zone without bumming a lift from the Americans. It was humiliating to see our fine young troops outfitted in forest wilderness fatigues to fight a dessert war. We had our soldiers spray paint a dessert camouflage on their uniforms.

And now that the dress rehearsal in Afghanistan is coming to an end, and the real production is about to open in Iraq, we are told by our Senate, that we better get the soldiers back to Canada, from wherever they’re stationed any where in the world, because we can not afford to supply them abroad.

On November the 11, Anne and I stood with ONLY a couple of hundred others in Dominion Square (Montreal), while we paid tribute to the memory of Canada’s fallen HEROS. I cried as the old men marched past where I stood, because not just eight years prior, I stood and cheered-on my dad, who marched with his comrades from long ago.

He died at 76 years old, before he had the chance to march again. But every year, I go to Dominion Square to cheer on his aging comrades, and see in them, my father, who went to his grave knowing that he did his country proud. He served, he fought, he bled and he came back victorious.

My dad and his comrades did their part to save democracy, while Chrétien, on down to Trudeau, did, and are still doing their part to destroy it. They have stolen Canada’s pride. And they betrayed those brave Canadian HEROS, who came from a time when duty, honor, bravery and loyalty meant something in Canada. DAMN THEM!

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  1. There is a lot more to this story than “meets the eye”. There is also nothing new about Sterling’s actions, as noted by his past suits. It is offensive that our president is always quick to defend “Blacks”, but ignores those situations which concern “Whites”. Instead, the “Whites” are accused of RACISM.

    Although Sterling’s words WERE repulsive, I believe that he was “set-up” by his girlfriend, et al. Sterling will, I believe, pursue this matter. He does have the money to be able to do s

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