The Day After The Big Republican Win.

The way the system is converging and maturing, pretty soon you won't be able to recognize a Republican from a Democrat or a moderate Liberal from a moderate Conservative.

Since yesterday’s editorial, I have received a significant amount of comments vis a vis the Republican victory in both Houses.

The following is a letter which I sent to one of my readers, who doesn’t necessarily think the Republicans have done a very good job in the past. And that President George W Bush might NOT be the cat’s meow.

This editorial has been diminutively modified and edited somewhat from the original letter.

George “W” Bush has played his role well. So well; that he more or less carried the Republicans to this incredible victory in both Houses on his own shoulders. This is indeed a remarkable feat for a mid term President who under normal circumstances should be hiding from criticism.

I do not for a second believe that George “W” is a Messiah, any more than I believe that he is calling the shots. However; the leadership choices available right now, are absolutely uninspiring, and that is part of the message delivered by the American people.

Times only appeared to better during Democratic administrations, mostly because of the way they spent money. But, at the end of their terms, they have mostly left the country in a financial mess with higher taxes and an increased long term debt.

President Carter left the American people shattered financially, and emotionally drained. However; it was Reagan, the Republican who gave the American people back their pride and confidence. And; he put an end to Communism and the Cold War.

Bush senior was never able to connect with the American people, and was on the cusp of a huge financial resurgence. A boom like none before. Unfortunately for him, it was Clinton who was carried by it for 8 years. But after Clinton left office, it all fell apart.

No one can blame “W” for the current economic malaise. This is the result of a process that began deep inside the Clinton administration. And if Bush turns it around within the next two years, and is then defeated, much like his father was, the new President will receive the kudos. That’s how it works

It appears to me, that the hard choices are very often made by the Republicans who then pay the short term price at the polls. While the Democrats receive the long term accolades. However; this time might be very different as was shown yesterday.

Although it is true that the USA has been poorly served by a few Republican Presidents in post World War II, they have also been poorly served by a few Democrats.

The way the system is converging and maturing, pretty soon you won’t be able to recognize a Republican from a Democrat or a moderate Liberal from a moderate Conservative.

I am not worried about far right wing agendas with the Republicans controlling the full Congress. As far as I am concerned, they are mostly “centrists” with a bent to the right. Remember; the election campaign for the hearts and souls of the American people for the next Presidency of the USA starts today. And everyone will be fighting to win the center.

Yesterday was the warmup.

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  1. Howard, I agree too, his remarks although offensive in nature, he was talking to his girlfriend in private about an issue that he felt strongly about, unfortunate that she chose to record that conversation, for what reason I ask? With Sharpton and add Jessie Jackson, they have made a no work lively hood out of using their perceived issues of race against their own race to secure a future for, not their race, but themselves, wonder how Jessie’s son is enjoying his well earned vacation on us?

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