It’s Time To Storm The Bastille On Sussex Drive.

Being proud to be a Canadian is becoming more and more difficult every time the Canadian government makes a decision. And every time the USELESS media stands silent, or is politically correct.

The fact that our Canadian government has jailed Canadian farmers for the “crime” of selling their products outside of the Canadian Monopoly, referred to as the Canadian Wheat Board, is only that much less revolting than the silence of the Canadian people.

What the hell is wrong with the people in this country? Why are we not “Storming The Bastille”?

In the Maritimes, the federal government is single handedly responsible for allowing the Cod industry to totally collapse, and then they penalized the fishers who lost their major source of income.

In Quebec, the federal government not only allows, but aids whichever ethnocentric Québécois government which happens to be in power, to suppress the rights of anyone who wants to be treated as an equal citizen.

In Ontario and the rest of Canada, the federal government is insidiously pressing for more bilingualism through the offices of the Language Commissioner, who otherwise couldn’t give a damn about minority rights within Quebec.

In Western Canada, the federal government pretends that Canada ends at Thunder Bay, while at the same time, they’re as quick as greased lightning to grab all the tax money they can from the Westerners, so they can pump more fortunes into Quebec’s failed economy.

Canadians, from far and wide, have accepted all of this, including more double standards and federal cronyism than we can list. But this? This jailing of Western farmers for wanting to be FREE to grow and sell their grains wherever they want, and at whatever price they want, is unacceptable to the highest degree.

Where are the voices from the bleeding heart left, who are so quick to stand up for the little guy? In reality, these phony pieces of uselessness hate individual initiatives and love the biggest and most controlling government apparatus possible. Therefore; they’re silent.

Where’s the voice of the Canadian Alliance; the champion of individual rights? If they’re speaking out, it must be in whispers.

Where’s more than just a few jabs at the feds from Premier Ralph Klein of Alberta, whose farmers are the ones in jail? A few shots at the federal government for political effect is not sufficient.

But more than that. Where the hell is the voice of the Canadian people? Why are Canadians NOT taking to the streets in the millions?

Good hardworking Canadians are in jail for God’s sake.

Not because they stole from someone. We have captains of industry to do that.

Not because they lied and cheated. We have politicians to do that.

Not because they are welfare frauds. We have the NDP to do that.

They’re in jail because they want to have the same right as Quebec farmers, who are free to sell their grains to whomever they wish. And at whatever price. If it’s good enough for Quebec farmers. Then why isn’t it good enough for Prairie farmers?

Being proud to be a Canadian is becoming more and more difficult every time the Canadian government makes a decision. And every time the USELESS media stands silent, or is politically correct.

But worse than all of that; is the silence of the lambs. The Canadian idiots who take all of this lying down: without an opinion, without a voice, and seemingly without a care.

Not to get religious. But the day of judgement will soon be upon us.

Pretty soon the Americans will have had enough of our ingratitude and let us know it in real terms.

Pretty soon the economic bubble is going to explode. We don’t manufacture very much of anything any longer. Especially since we can buy it for much less in China. Our High Tech industries are in the tank. And Canada’s “Blue Chip” companies are not all that Blue without the financing of Canadian tax payers.

Pretty soon Parliament will be replaced as law makers by the appointed Supreme court, where there will be a different set of laws, rules and justice for every Canadian, depending upon whose society happens to be distinct in one fashion or another.

And pretty soon, various regions are going to say enough is enough. This country is just not worth keeping together. And that’s where I’m headed. I too have had enough. Ottawa, much like any other useless entity will eventually disappear if it can not prove its value. And perhaps – the sooner the better.

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