Canada Has Placed The US On A Travel Advisory – Let’s Dig The Chasm Even Wider.

Perhaps, what bothers Bill Graham, and the stupid government he represents, is that the USA is applying this condition, even to CANADIANS. After-all, are we not the American's best friend? And, is that anyway one treats a best friend?

Every time Canada (Ottawa) stoops to a new high of stupid, I can’t believe they could ever do better. And then; like “Old Faithful”, they outdo themselves like clockwork.

Canada has placed the USA on a “Travel Advisory”. Meaning: that Canadians born in certain Middle Eastern countries, which support terrorist groups, going to the USA, have to be aware that their Canadian constitutional rights WILL be violated.

For the uninformed, travel advisories are issued to WARN travelers of IMPEDING DANGER in countries where they are to be visiting. Usually, the advisories are reserved for countries at war, on the brink of war, or where lawlessness is a part of the societal norm. Or, where tourists are routinely kidnaped and held for ransom. Or just outright murdered. Does this at all describe the USA?

As far as the American immigration authorities are concerned, anyone born in a Middle Eastern country which is on their terrorist country list, will be singled out for special treatment. Specifically; finger printing and a photograph.

This has outraged the outrageous Bill Graham, Canada’s idiot Minister for Foreign Affairs. How dare they do this to Canadian citizens? He bellows. It’s easy. No one has the right to enter into the USA, if the USA doesn’t want them. Bill Graham should come to the realization that Canada’s rights end, where the USA’s begin. And that’s at the US border.

But Bill Graham shouldn’t get his shorts into a knot thinking that this is a policy just against Middle Eastern born Canadian citizens. This policy is worldwide. Perhaps, what bothers Bill Graham, and the stupid government he represents, is that the USA is applying this condition, EVEN to Canadians. After-all, are we not America’s best friend? And, is that anyway one treats a best friend?

To the inept Bill Graham, Canada is not behaving like America’s best friend. Actually: truth be told, Canada is NOT behaving like any kind of friend to the USA. And Canada needs a wake-up call. Screw with the Americans, and you will get screwed with back.

Last night, one of Canada’s other cabinet lesser lights, Finance Minister, John Manley, crowed about how much better Canada is doing economically than are the Americans. That can easily be changed if the Americans ever decide to close their border to our products, and/or to our people.

Back in the Trudeau bad old days, during the late 60’s through to the early 80’s, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, decided that Canada’s interests were better served being aligned to the poverty stricken world of South America, the Arab Middle East, and the Pacific Rim; rather than tied to the USA. For this decision, Canada paid a price.

So, here we are, back again; teaching the Americans lessons in social and political issues. And aligning ourselves with trashy countries, while we create an ever increasing chasm between us, and the ONLY reason we are so blessed economically.

When President Bush hugged the Mexican President immediately after Bush’s inauguration in 2002, and declared Mexico to be the USA’s most important trading partner; Canada was deeply hurt. After-all, Canada really is the USA’s single largest trading partner.

When President Bush embraced the British Prime Minister immediately following 9/11, and claimed that Great Briton was the USA’s closest friend and ally; Canada was deeply hurt. After-all, Canada “assumes” its position as being the USA’s closet friend and ally.

When President Bush acknowledged all the countries who stood tall with the USA, following the 9/11 attack on America, Canada wasn’t mentioned; Canada was deeply hurt. After-all, Canada has always been there for the Americans. So we pretend.

If just one of these slights happened, I would say there was a stunning break down in political protocol, and leave it at that. Once might be possible. But; twice, is a nearly impossible co-incidence. However; three times is a MESSAGE. And our leaders, including much of the media seem to be too stupid to recognize it.

At the end of the day, Canada, which prefers to stand away from the USA, will find itself standing alone. I very seriously doubt, if the patience of the American people and their government is endless.

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  1. Most everyone makes off-colour remarks in private from time to time with people they trust. I wonder how many ‘judgers’ of Donald Sterling would appreciate any private remarks they may have made at some point to be brought up at their work with a reprimand in tow. I also wonder what the ACLU thinks about this. My guess is because the accused is a rich, white guy they feel civil liberties do not apply.

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