North Korea Has Just Changed Everything.

Fast forward 8 years, and guess what? North Korea admits to having the BOMB. And guess what again? Europe is flabbergasted.

About 8 years ago, North Korea promised the world that it would not develop nuclear weapons. And guess what? They lied.

The Americans didn’t accept the lie, and proposed an outright boycott of this sick country. However; the Americans stood mostly alone. Europe wanted to give the North Koreans the benefit of the doubt. They didn’t want to boycott and punish North Korea. And even though the evidence against believing this dictatorship was overwhelming, they chose to “negotiate” and “dialogue”.

Fast forward 8 years, and guess what? North Korea admits to having the BOMB. And guess what again? Europe is flabbergasted. As are most of North Korea’s Asian neighbors. And guess what for a third time? What can anyone do about it now?

Now that North Korea has admitted that it possesses the BOMB. In so doing, it has sent a message to the entire world: If you mess with North Korea, North Korea can mess right back.

What will the world do if the North Koreans decide to invade South Korea, knowing full well that North Korea can take out a full city with just one blast, especially if that city is London, Paris, Moscow, New York . . . etc? Who’s going to be the first hero to take on a lunatic country in possession of the BOMB?

What makes this reality even more frightening, is that North Korea was able to build their bomb with help from their Pakistani friends. So we have to ask ourselves how many friends with nuclear capability does Iraq have? Or from how many friends in possession of the proper material to build a BOMB can Iraq buy?

The SCUD missiles launched against Israel during the Gulf War came from North Korea. What else have the North Koreans sold to Iraq?

Eight years ago, the Americans listened to the elitist European moderates about trusting North Korea’s word. And now eight years later, the same elitist European moderates are telling the Americans to back off on Iraq.

What will the Europeans say when Saddam Hussein calls an international press conference to announce that he too has nuclear weapons? And what will the world do to stop him when he decides that the entire Gulf should be under the control of Iraq?

And what will Israel do when this PROBABILITY becomes a reality, if Saddam is not stopped dead in his tracks here and now?

We also can not forget the Islamic BOMB possessed by Pakistan. In their most recent election this past week, Pakistanis voted heavily for an Islamic fundamentalist leadership.

What happens when Musharaf is deposed and a wild eyed Islamic theocracy becomes the government of a country capable of detonating a nuclear device against its neighbors? Or worse yet, gives a BOMB to Iraq, or any another Islamic country in trade for whatever they need.

The nightmare scenario of atomic weapons proliferation in the hands of lunatics, dictators and Islamists is fast becoming a reality. And left unstopped, the world will be cooked. In more ways than one.

Appeasement, moderation and good faith in dictators is the reason we have reached this crossroad. The questions is: What do we do now?

The obvious answer is top stop listening to the elitist European moderates, and get on with the business at hand.

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  1. Howard, I can almost guarantee you that lots of people have said things they would not want to get out in public–including blacks. However, it appears that blacks get away with it and God only help any white people that screw up. I am not a racist, but sometimes it just gets a little hard to take. When is this going to stop? It seems the Obama administration wants it to continue for some reason.

    Take care.

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