Now Canada Wants To Cancel The Charitable Status For Israeli Ambulances.

The Canadian Customs Revenue Agency, which oversees the validity of charitable status, claims that the ambulances sent to Israel from Canada are suspect in their utilization.

Being one not to mince words, I will stick to that tradition, and declare with confidence, that very little seems to have changed from the days of William Lyon Mackenzie King’s Liberal government, which thought that “NONE IS TOO MANY” when discussing how many Jews Canada should let in. Even Jews who could have been saved from the Nazis.

Canada, the country which tries to present itself as the global conscience, is anything but. Canada is a country which sucks up to whomever is necessary to ensure that the government’s favorite businesses friends prosper. Nothing more. And nothing less.

Canada pretends to care. We donate huge amounts of tax dollars abroad to despotic countries, so that our industries will be well received. But, when it comes time to stand up for what is clearly right, compared to what is obviously wrong, Canada fails miserably.

Canada allows supporters of terrorist groups to raise money under the guise of charitable organizations; such as Hamas and many Islamic “charities”, which don’t account for the tax deductible CASH generated within our borders.

Canada also funds Palestinian school books which espouse lies and outright hatred towards Jews, not to mention, that in their books, there is no such country as Israel. There is only a “Zionist entity” occupying the Palestinian land, which according to the Palestinians, encompasses everything from the hills where Lebanon and Syria meet in the North, to everything that is west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, and then South to the Sinai and the Egyptian border.

It is suffice to say that neither Israel, nor Diaspora Jews, have ever done the modern world any harm. In fact, the actual contributions made by Jews world-wide, including Israeli Jews are far too numerous to list. And at the same time, one has to ask what contributions have been made to the benefit of the world from the “modern” Arab Middle East and the Islamic world? There are too few to list.

So, how does a country like Canada respond to the needs of the Middle East’s only democracy? We take away their charitable status for the Canadian organization which builds and exports ambulances to Israel. The organization is called Canadian Magen David Adom, (CMDA) which is the Israeli equivalent to the Red Cross.

The Canadian Customs Revenue Agency, which oversees the validity of charitable status, claims that the ambulances sent to Israel from Canada are suspect in their utilization. For example: One of the retired ambulances was used as an Israeli Defense Force field hospital. Some of the ambulances have crossed what the Canadian government describes as the Green Line which divides East and West Jerusalem.

The Canadian Customs Revenue Agency also takes offence to the fact that Israeli ambulance workers wear bullet proof vests when heading to terrorist bomb sites. Imagine, Israeli ambulance workers wanting to protect themselves from further terrorist attacks while working to save lives while they pick-up torn apart bodies.

The Canadian Customs Revenue Agency also dislikes the idea that the wireless communications frequency of Magen David Adom, is shared with the Israeli Defense Force during events which threaten the state of Israel. What a concept. Israel is attacked, and the nation wants to coordinate between all of its services. And Canada doesn’t like it.

I think the Canadian Customs Revenue Agency is somewhat confused. It is the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances which have been used as courier vehicles for weapons, bombs and terrorists. But to Canada, this seems to be a non issue.

Magen David Adom, does not discriminate between Jewish and Arab medical needs, nor does it ascertain the ethnicity of people in need of their services before responding. Yet; the Canadian Customs Revenue Agency is doing its very best to shut down the charitable status of Canadian Magen David Adom, and in fact, wants to close down the entire operation.

Not only am I flabbergasted at this bureaucratic obscenity, I am also outraged at the obvious anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bent of this Canadian government agency. Imagine; by the standards of the Canadian Customs Revenue Agency, Islamic and Palestinian “charitable” agencies with dubious accounting principles are acceptable. But; a Jewish Canadian organization which builds ambulances for the well-being of all people living in Israel, regardless of their ethnicity, is unacceptable.

Nothing all that much seems to have changed with the Federal Liberals since the World War II days of NONE IS TOO MANY.

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  1. I am the young man so cruelly implicated in this anti-Semitic attack on Howard. The fact that I diligently read every one of Howard’s publications is a true testament to his good character and impervious beliefs. Keep fighting the good fight Howard, regards from the Small family.

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