In Response To Robert Sauvé – Catch 22 In Israel

If Israel blocks the right of ALL of its citizens to equal ownership of property, Israel will be abrogating EVERYTHING it is supposed to be.

Robert Sauvé makes some excellent points vis a vis debated policy that might make it illegal for Israeli non Jewish citizens (Arabs) to own properties in the new settlements (Galganov Dot Com Archives July 20, 2002).

If Israel blocks the right of SOME of its citizens to equal ownership of property, Israel will be abrogating EVERYTHING it is supposed to be.

Israel, like all sovereign nations has the right to offer citizenship to whomever it wishes. Just as it has the right to deny citizenship to whomever it wishes. But; once citizenship is granted, that citizen DESERVES the right to treated as EQUALLY as all other citizens, regardless of his/her religion or cultural background.

To do anything else makes a farce out of Israel’s claim to be the Middle East’s only true democracy.

I understand and accept the concept that Arab Israeli citizens could be enemies within. But that said, they would pose no more of a threat to Israel’s security from where they currently live; which is everywhere, than they would from the new settlements.

In spite of the current horrific circumstances plaguing Israel, Arab Israelis have more or less been model citizens. To suggest that they would be otherwise, if they purchased properties on settlements, is a specious argument.

What I see is an extremely unfortunate display of racism, where some Israeli Jews want property only for Jews. This is not right, and is in fact counter to every principle Israel was founded upon. It is simply not the Jewish way.

If Israel proceeds with this onerous legislation, Israel will have abrogated all claims to being a just society in the eyes of the Free World. And to extend the argument further. What could Israel, or the world’s Jewish population say to any nation which would pass a similar law, but instead of denying rights to Arabs, they would deny rights to Jews? Israel and the world Jewish community would have to remain silent.

Israel must be very careful. If ever they were to cross this line, there might be no going back. And the damage they would cause to Jews everywhere, would on the long term be incalculable. Nothing Israel has done in the past has shamed me. This would.

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  1. Next time…keep the Blood Pressure down! Just park behind his car…call the cops and give his licence plate number and description of the car…and the driver…say that your car stalled and you can not get it to start but will try again soon. (Really, after the Police arrive and write the $300 Ticket for not having a Handicap Parking Pass).

    As they used to say…”Never give a sucker an even break”, and that sucker truly deserved a lesson his wallet would never forget!

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