Amnesty International – Yet Another Internationalist Fraud

Amnesty international has done as much for human rights in their entire existence, as the USA does in any given day.

Amnesty international has done as much for human rights in their entire existence, as the USA does in any given day.

Has it ever occurred to you, that Amnesty International, which catalogues and condemns acts of political abuse: from murder, to torture, to restrictions of basic Human Rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly, has NEVER said a damn thing about state sponsored murder against Jews in Israel? Until now that is.

Amnesty International has condemned Canada for the way we treat our criminals in our prisons. While I condemn some of our prisons for treating our criminals as well as they do. And they have come out against Canada for how we deal with our indigenous Native population. I guess Amnesty International isn’t aware of the billions of dollars Canada “invests” in its Native communities every year.

Amnesty International will condemn a nation for just about any perceived abuse to Human Rights. But not against Islamic fundamentalist Arabs who blow up Israelis. Again. Until now.

What has all of sudden “forced” Amnesty International to recognize that murdering Jews in Israel is wrong? Why now? Why has it always been the other way around. For instance: Palestinian terrorists murder Jews in a pizza parlor and Israel’s defense force strikes back; first by warning the Palestinian Authority that an attack is coming. And then by telling them where and when, so no innocents will be harmed. And then the Israelis blow up an EMPTY building as retribution for the Palestinian suicide murder.

Then comes Amnesty International to condemn the Israelis for blowing up an empty building with “undue” force. But not the Palestinian murderers who invited the retaliation through their act of terror.

Yesterday, July 10, 2002, Amnesty International FINALLY condemned, in the strongest of terms, the Palestinians for acts of terror, even though there have been no immediate acts of terror carried out against Israelis, while Israel is busy occupying literally all of the Palestinian territories. Why?

Even Amnesty International, whose sole existence relies on their credibility with the West, (read USA) has figured out that they are about to become irrelevant, simply because the USA and Israel couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what Amnesty International has to say, while their countries are being attacked. And even Amnesty International has to have a modicum of shame, knowing how one sided their condemnation of Israel has been, to the point of what they do, say, and think is meaningless to countries under the gun from terrorists.

President George W Bush has made it abundantly clear that the United States of America will do what it wants to do, with or without the approbation of the rest of the world, including the UN and Amnesty International.

While the Americans have been carrying the rest of the world on their shoulders since the Second World War, the rest of the world has been telling Americans how. But not anymore. It seems that the Americans have had a belly-full of UN claptrap and international intellectual fraud. And the rest of the world seems to be paying attention. Even Amnesty International.

Of course, America and Americans will continue to deal with undesirables. They will still dance with the devil when it is in their own best interests. But it will be in their own best interests that will motivate them, and not the interests of do-nothing nations and professional “Do-Gooders” who do even less. And given the choice of which country and culture I would wish to hitch my wagon; it will be Red, White and Blue.

I like what’s happening. And it is about time.

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