Let Them Starve

Until they decide to become civilized, and join the secular democratized world in the 21st century - let them starve.

The UN is busy with yet another conference: this one on the issue of nations where whole populations are starving.

I find it absolutely fascinating how all the holier-than-thou countries, who routinely crap all over the USA, and who are vehement anti-Israelis at best, and vile anti-Semites at worst, can’t seem to feed their own populations.

Here’s Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the UN, sitting with “prominent” Black leaders from mostly African countries, debating over how many people within their countries are starving to death. Some numbers I have heard mention as many as 20,000 people per day. And that is before the REAL crisis begins.

These same nations are amongst the many who have driven their “White” countrymen from office, and from their productive farms. A perfect case in point is the former country known as Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe. What was once a vibrant nation, where hunger was non existent, and jobs were aplenty for everyone, is now a “third world” basket case where the rule of law has been changed to the rule of the gun.

I don’t support racist regimes such as the former Rhodesian government, but, given my druthers, I would much rather have a government that can feed and employ its people, than a government that can not. And in retrospect, the government of Ian Smith is looking brilliant in comparison to what currently exists.

Now knowing what we can plainly see for ourselves, in terms of “Black” self rule in Zimbabwe, perhaps we didn’t correctly judge the Smith government all that fairly. It seems to me, that they had a better idea of whom they were dealing with, vis a vis the Black majority, than the rest of the world did. The proof is in the starving.

What I am saying is politically incorrect. But it is also the self-evident truth.

It is remarkable how we are “forbidden” to tell the truth; especially when the truth is as clear as the finest blown crystal. The people who did all that damage to the USA on 9/11, and as a result, have thrust the entire world into a footing of fear, war and sacrifice, were/are mostly Moslem Arabs.

The people who are being hunted down in mid-Asia, for conspiring to kill Western secular civilization are Moslems, many of whom are/were Arabs. The people waging a terrorist war in the Philippines and Indonesia are Moslems, many of whom are led by Arabs. The people who are financing these religious lunatics are Arab leaders in countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Iran (Persians), Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria and Pakistan.

Yet; with all this incontrovertible knowledge, it is still politically incorrect for us to say that international terrorism is caused by Moslems; mostly led, financed and sheltered by Arabs. It is absolutely the truth. But nonetheless, it is taboo to say so. We won’t even recognize that many Moslem women are treated like common chattel.

Even President George W Bush calls “observant” Moslem women, “ladies, or women of cover”, denoting their veils. What the hell is a woman of cover? It’s not as though many of these women have a choice. Any choice. “Women of cover” is a great euphemism for women who are enslaved through their religion by misogynist men. But we will never say so publicly.

Back to the starving nations: It appears that the countries most hostile to the secular West, are the Moslem countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. And in the case of Zimbabwe, it is just about race, not religion. These are the same countries which can not feed their own people, not to mention being able to provide basic social services such as health-care and legitimate education.

Yet; these countries fall over each other, along with our own tax supported NGO’s to criticize and condemn the West for all their own troubles, specifically the USA.

And of course in their sick minds; their “third world” would immediately be made better if Israel and the world’s entire Jewish population would simply cease to exist.

I have a politically incorrect suggestion to make. Let them starve.

Let them kill each other and behave as the racist and fundamentally religious Moslem savages they are, and keep them away from us. As far away as is humanly possible. Let them have their seats in the UN, so they can strut around like the peacocks they pretend to be. And let us save a shit-load of money by cutting off all support to them and the NGO’s.

And let’s close our border(s) to anyone who is the least bit hostile to the West, to democracy, and to whomever insists upon a public political life of religious fundamentalism. Especially fundamentalist Moslems. It is not as if we have to wonder what they are all about.

These parasites to the world human condition have always been a burden, will always be a burden, and no matter how much credibility we give their leaders; and no matter how much money we throw into their sink-hole, it will never be enough, and they will never change, and they will continue to be burden to the West. That is, unless they have no other choice.

Right now, their leaders have tremendous choices, ostensibly because we let them off the hook by supporting their evil governments, and not calling them what they really are. If we were to take away all that support, and make them exclusively accountable to their own population; the impoverished and starving masses will rise to make things right for themselves. And if they don’t. So be it.

Hell; I wouldn’t have any problem having some of my tax dollars invested in having these fundamentalist and misogynist regimes overthrown. And in the place of what these despots accept as “normal” governance, the West should impose, by force if necessary, colonial rule with a secular Western style education system, and the imposition of REAL democracy.

Until such time as this comes to pass; we will be forever cursed by these tin-pot, evil little people, who have the world too frightened to call them what they are, for whom they are, and for how they behave. And until they decide to become civilized, and join the secular democratized world in the 21st century – let them starve.

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  1. Nevada could be the seeds for a Civil War. The American Hunters are the largest armed Army
    in the World. The “Administration” should tread lightly. Japan stopped at Pearl Harbor for
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