Palestinians And The Québécois – Not All That Dissimilar

The Palestinians living within Israel, who chose NOT to be Israeli citizens, have no problem expecting, demanding and receiving Israeli social benefits such as healthcare, education and more.

I mentioned to Anne the other night, that I am considering closing down my Web Site for the summer, her response surprised me.

“Why”? She asked. And more to my surprise, I didn’t have an answer, other than I was tired, and pretty much fed up and in need of a rest from the world.

Now that I am living in Ontario, a place to go, a place to grow, a place they call Ontario; its pretty hard to give a rat’s ass about Quebec and a bunch of sniveling, ethnocentric, separatist schmucks and Anglo/Ethnic appeasers. Just as it is to care all that much for the jerks who run the show in Ottawa.

Also; the trip to Israel changed much for me.

The trip to Israel was an eye opener, in more ways than just one. I went there to show solidarity with the Israeli people, and to see for myself what the fight was all about. And I came away with a remarkable perspective which I never expected.

Québécois nationalists, are not all that much different than the Palestinians. Both parties spend far too much time and effort complaining about the misery of their lives, even when there is no misery, all the while placing the blame for their shortcomings on the Anglos or the Israelis respectfully.

The Palestinians hate the Israelis, and want Israel to disappear into the Mediterranean. But in the meantime, they are infuriated with Israel, because the Israelis won’t allow Palestinians, who cheer at the murder of Jews at the hands of suicide murderers, to come into Israel to work.

More than that; the Palestinians living within Israel, who chose NOT to be Israeli citizens, have no problem expecting, demanding and receiving Israeli social benefits such as healthcare, education and more.

Does this ring any bells if you are a Canadian familiar with ethnocentric Quebec?

You know: “I hate Canada. Canada is a prison. Canada is not a real country. Quebec NEEDS Distinct Society recognition “. Etc, etc, etc, whine, whine, whine. We’ve all heard it thousands of times. But; at the same time, Quebecers DEMAND from Canada:

MORE transfer payments.

MORE equalization payments.

MORE medicare payments.

MORE of anything they can get in terms of grants, subsidies, relocation of federal jobs and Crown Corporations.

As they shamelessly kick Canada in the teeth every chance they get. Domestically and abroad.

What is also interesting between the Israelis and the Palestinians, is that the Israelis work as hard as can be imagined to build a better country, blaming no one for their shortfalls.

On the other hand, the Palestinians spend all their energy blaming everyone for their shortfalls, and seem to spend very little effort building their would-be country. Much like the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists who want everyone else to do it for them. And if things don’t work out the way they want. C’est la faute du Canada.

In Israel; all street, and official signs are posted in Hebrew, Arabic and English. All linguistic groups are shown respect. Yet in Quebec, it is forbidden to show respect to minority languages. Just as the Palestinians refuse to show any respect whatsoever to Jews.

In Israel, virtually everyone speaks; from excellent English, to passable English. In Quebec, many “Francophones” can’t get beyond hello and goodbye in English.

In West Jerusalem (Jewish), anyone can buy a house, building or business. In East Jerusalem (Arab), to sell a house or otherwise to a Jew, is an invitation of death by their own Palestinian people. It is remarkable how clean, vibrant and modern West Jerusalem is compared to the filth and degradation of East Jerusalem. Yet the two communities couldn’t be more side by side.

In all of Canada’s major cities, such as Toronto; the streets are clean and in great repair. In Montreal, the streets are an asphalt and concrete mess, far too often littered with paper and garbage.

The “Palestinian” Arabs, who made peace with Israel long ago, and who have become Israeli citizens, bask in the same success as do Jewish Israelis. They are free to fully participate in every walk of Israeli life. Ask them if they would be willing to give up their Israeli citizenship and all that goes with it to become part of a new Palestinian Nation? How many ways can you spell NO?

Just like the majority of ethnocentric Québécois nationalists, who overwhelmingly want their “own” country when they are guaranteed to still enjoy all the perks of Canadian citizenship; all of a sudden no longer want their “own” country when it means losing the cash cow (Canada).

Quebec is a territory blessed with an abundance of natural resources, surrounded by friendly neighbors who purchase enormous volumes of products. And other than in the sick minds of ethnocentric Québécois nationalists, Quebec and Quebecers have no enemies, and have a team of “Sugar Daddies” in Ottawa, always standing by to make certain that things are as sweet as can be for Canada’s most ungrateful province.

On the other hand, Israel has nothing. There are no natural resources, unless you think that sand, rocks and weeds count for anything. They have no one to depend upon except themselves and Diaspora Jews who live abroad. No Sugar Daddies, in spite of the guarded US largesse, that does as much for US self interests, as it does for Israel’s.

At best, the Israeli position is precarious, since they have been screwed more than once by the USA, and will be again. Of that I am certain. And they are surrounded by nearly 300 million Moslem Arabs who want Israel to die. And that does not include the 250 million Europeans who couldn’t care one way or the other if Israel lives or dies, as long as it is not their problem. Nor does it include the other 700 million and more Moslems worldwide who harbor an inherent hatred towards Jews and Israeli Jews in particular.

Yet; in spite of all this, Israel has one of the strongest economies on a per capita basis in the entire world. Israel grows lush produce from the desert, has created unbelievable forests, and manages what amounts to not more than a trickle of water, as if they owned the greatest water resource in the world.

Israel has also developed one of the most open and democratic governments on this planet, where everyone is entitled to an opinion and the right to be seen and heard and have a real chance to win a seat in their Knesset (Parliament).

Former Quebec Premier, Lucien Bouchard, used to like comparing Quebec’s quest for independence to the State of Israel. Go know that he was so close to the truth, with the only correction being, that the ethnocentric Québécois, are more like the Palestinians than they are like the Israelis.

I will keep writing over the summer since there is a lot to say. But I will say it a little less frequently.

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  1. I worry, that the “Uprising” War will come to the USA. “We The People” DO need to quit being lazy and look around, to see what is really going on, with our “political hacks”, that we call Politicians. Overall, these individuals are robbing the future, with their perceived entitlement to “power” and the “perpetual” hold, on their offices. Balanced Budgets must be the 28th Amendment, in the United States, for the good of the whole.

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