Arafat Is Making George W Bush Irrelevant

In any civilized country, Arafat would be in jail for the rest of his life, and if possible - beyond. And in a less civilized country, he would have already been executed.

Arafat is, was, and always will be a terrorist. Some things in life are self evident. No one needs to list the litany of horrors visited upon mankind as a result of Arafat. To know his CV is to know his guilt.

He is the grandfather of modern day terrorism. And the dispenser of the disease that has poisoned the opportunities of his own people to live in peace, prosperity, and dignity along-side the Jewish state of Israel.

In spite of the full world understanding who and what Arafat is, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize simply for putting his signature to a piece of paper he never had any intention of honoring. What does that say about the Nobel Committee, and the UN types who bend over backwards to accommodate “president, chairman, general” Yasser Arafat?

In any civilized country, Arafat would be in jail for the rest of his life, and if possible – beyond. And in a less civilized country, he would have already been executed.

But, in this hypocritical world, where keeping this murdering tyrant alive and relevant, simply to appease an Arab society that continues to live in the dark ages, in the name of a vicious religious dogma, all for the wealth that is pooled under their sands; Arafat is accorded legitimacy.

So much so, that according to CNN, it took a herculean effort by the US State Department to help Arafat and his pals draft a letter of “condemnation” that says nothing, and means less; in order for Colin Powell to have justification for his meeting with the little murdering Bastard.

Imagine, Colin Powell, the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation in the world, reduced to writing Arafat’s half-assed letter condemning terrorism in order to legitimize their meeting.

What the Bush administration has just done, in the way of meeting with Arafat, the purveyor of terror, is to effectively undo whatever credibility the “Bush Doctrine” might have had. Arafat has made President George W Bush Irrelevant.

I can no longer sit here in the comfort of my safe home, while 5 million Jews are being attacked by virtually every country on the face of the earth. I have seen this movie once before. Not first-hand perhaps, but in literature, photography, at the Holocaust Centre in Washington. And on the forearms of the parents of too many of my friends whose families survived the “Death Camps”.

I am leaving for Israel within a few days. I have purchased my tickets, reserved my hotel rooms, and organized an itinerary that will bring me to where Jews are being slaughtered, just for going about their normal business.

I have spent a great deal of my adult life questioning why so many people just stood by in silence some 60 years ago, including Jews. Perhaps, especially Jews, while the Nazis slaughtered 6 million innocent souls simply for having any Jewish blood flowing through their veins.

I will not stand by in silence. I refuse to be an invisible witness to the threat of Israel’s safety and survival. I will be in Israel for a full week to stand in solidarity with people who are on the front line against terrorism. I will be visible, and I will be proud and defiant. I will not allow thugs to intimidate me for being who or what I am.

While in Israel, I will be establishing a meaningful and permanent expression of solidarity with the beleaguered Israelis, which I will invite you to participate in. I will publish the details within the next few days.

This is not 1936. This is 2002. And I will be damned if I will sit on my ass while I see a repeat of history.

SPECIAL NOTE: As you might be aware, a large demonstration expressing solidarity with Israel’s right to survive and defend itself against terrorism will be staged this coming Wednesday, April 17th at Phillip’s Square across from the Bay in downtown Montreal.

The organizers are hoping for as many as 5,000 people. I am hoping for at least twice that number. Please join the demonstration and lend your voice in support of Israel’s right to exist.

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  1. Hi Howard:
    Many years have passed since I first got to know you. I haven’t always agreed with you but I have always respected you and the strength you have shown when many would have given up. I am delighted to see that you are now recognized and appreciated by so many people. It’s been long journey.
    God Bless………Georgina

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