As If The Palestinians And The Rest Of the Middle Eastern Arab World Is Really Fooling Anyone

"The responsibility for the "Passover Massacre" belongs to the Israelis". So goes the Arabic spin.

If ever their was a culture that was self-defeating, it is the Middle Eastern Arab world. Are they so utterly stupid, if they think that the rest of the world isn’t aware of their political despotism, misogyny and international deceit? Or do they think that the Western world is so stupid not to have noticed?

Yesterday, March 27, 2002, I watched an interview on the BBC between the host of Hard Talk, and a gorgeous lady Palestinian legal consultant, who appeared to be far more American than Middle Eastern. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t know that she represented the PLO as a Palestinian, you would never have guessed she was anything but American.

Her English was as good as anyone’s, and far better than most. Her appearance was as Western as one would expect to see on Rodeo Drive. And her mannerisms were as American as Mom’s Apple Pie.

So, you can imagine my shock, when this very Western sounding and appearing woman recited the on-going Palestinian mantra: “The responsibility for the “Passover Massacre” belongs to the Israelis”. You would have thought, based upon how she presented herself, that she would have known better.

The Mantra continued with the usual: “We condemn all violence against all civilians, Israeli and Palestinian. But; as long as Israel continues the “illegal” occupation of Palestine, the frustration of the Palestinian people can not be controlled”.

Every time the BBC Hard Talk host asked a question, any question; what he got for his response was the mantra. Until he could no longer take it.

“Are you saying, that Israel is totally responsible for everything, including the murder of Jews at a Passover Seder”? Once again; the Mantra.

In total frustration; the host asked the beautiful and articulate lawyer: “Don’t you believe that a constant anti-Israel barrage in the Palestinian media, exhorting young Palestinians to murder Jews contributes to the violence”?

Her response was once again the mantra. The host, in a final bid to get an answer other than it is always Israel’s fault, asked: “Why does the Palestinian Authority allow such hateful rhetoric on their media”?

If the deaths so many absolutely innocent Jewish men, women and children at the hands of terrorists wasn’t so serious, her answer would have been hysterical.

“Palestine is a democracy”. She said. “We can’t control the press”.

I sat watching the television absorbing her statement in absolute shock. Here was a women, who appeared to be, as articulate an American, as one could ever imagine, claiming that the Palestinian Authority is a democracy.

If this is her idea of democracy, given her obvious Western background; God help the Arab Middle East. And the Israelis better pass the ammunition.

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  1. I know writing this article was a mixed emotional journey for you. Bless you for continuing to address the ills of the world and the things that bind us. And God bless Michael’s family with strength and the comfort and peace only God can give.

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