The Best Defense Is A Great Offence

It is of no value to carry a big stick, if your enemies are not certain of your willingness to use it.

The best defense is a great offence. There is no better truism of life. Any coach in a competitive sport will tell you that you can not win if you don’t score points. And you can’t score points if the other team is always on the offensive.

Sometimes of course, you can sucker someone in by letting them come at you; and when the moment is right, you lower the boom. But; more often than not, it is better not to have to take the hit; especially when it is not necessary, and more so, when the hit could be fatal.

And that is what’s happening today in the war against terrorism. The USA has made it clear, that after suffering successive hits, enough is enough. The Americans are no longer prepared to sit by waiting for the next hit. And why should they?

I assure you, that all those who figured the Americans to be just a bunch of push-overs, before the shit-kicking the Americans delivered to al Qaeda and the Taliban, don’t think like that anymore.

Anyone who questions the efficiency of carrying a real big stick, with the unquestionable resolve to use it, should think about our own laws and system of “civilized” deterrents.

If it weren’t for the threat of arrest and incarceration for violating the laws of the land, Canada would be over-run with “evil-doers”, from thieves to murderers. Hell; we even carry a big stick to frighten unsafe drivers and people who litter. So, why shouldn’t the world’s guardian of freedom and democracy not carry and use the big stick as well?

The USA has been the world’s policeman for several generations; certainly since the end of the Second World War. But; since then, successive American leaders, including the Senate and Congress have been reluctant to wield real power. And most recently, American presidents have been so politically correct, that they wouldn’t order a BB gun to be pointed at a real enemy without first going to the world for approval. And that also includes the Gulf War.

It is of no value to carry a big stick, if your enemies are not certain of your willingness to use it. As a matter of fact, it is better not to carry the big stick if you’re not absolutely willing to use it: with all of its might.

The reason why the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked, was because the enemies of democracy and freedom thought they could get away with it. They figured the USA would get real angry, make even angrier speeches and rattle the saber while President Bush and company scoured the world for allies in search of approbation to whack a desert hideout with a Cruise Missile.

And had the president been Bill Clinton, rather than George W Bush, they might have been right.

But this was not Clinton. This president didn’t ask the world for moral, legal and military approval. The only thing he had to say to the world body was this: “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists”.

And to the terrorists: Whatever it takes, and for whatever amount of time it takes; we’re going to get you, dead or alive. And for all the countries that either aid or harbor terrorists; we’re going to get you too.

And absolutely true to his word, without any question whatsoever, Bush has used the big stick like a sledgehammer. And the world has taken notice. And if the USA has any idea of letting up now, they would be absolute fools.

And instead of the rest of the world criticizing the USA for doing the “dirty work” that has to be done, they too should be in there using the big stick.

It’s interesting how the PLO and Yasser Arafat came to believe that they could get away with whatever they wanted, including the wanton murder of Israeli civilians, entirely because Clinton decided to treat thugs with respect.

There was no big stick. Only rewards and promises of appeasement, as the daily murders in Israel, at the hands of the Arabs continued with no break in sight. Arafat even walked away from the Camp David Clinton/Barak “dream deal”, simply because there was no incentive for him not too. He was certain he could get more.

Now though, that Arafat’s negotiating partners are no longer American and Israeli appeasers, he is singing a different tune. Instead of flying here and there to sit in “high level” negotiations, he is being humiliated and held prisoner in his own compound. He sure doesn’t look too impressive now.

Instead of being invited to visit with the President at the White House, he’s lucky if a low level American bureaucrat is even willing to return his calls.

And instead of the Israelis just locking down the border after a terrorist attack against them, they blow up Palestinian infrastructure, assassinate the Arab leaders responsible, and send in the tanks.

Remarkably, Yasser Arafat wrote an op-ed piece in the Sunday New York Times, February 3, 2002, stating that he is totally against terrorism and wants a new start creating a Palestinian homeland where Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs can live side by side in peace. With Jerusalem as a shared capital no less.

That’s the deal he turned down at Camp David before so many hundreds of innocent people were killed as a result of his administration. So, why would anyone believe that Arafat and his followers would sincerely accept it today? The big stick is why.

When dealing with thugs and bullies, the only language they seem to understand comes in the form of the big stick. And it has been so long since anyone was willing to use it in the international forum, that the threat had become irrelevant. But not anymore.

If ever there was a time to ignore the “crocodile tears” of so many European leaders about how the USA is out of control, now is the time.

Have you heard a peep from the Islamic world? Has Saddam or anyone in Iran threatened the Americans since the Americans showed just how tough they were prepared to be, and how tough they actually were?

If I was Iraq, Iran, North Korea and a host of other, as of yet undeclared enemies of the USA, I would be more concerned than just somewhat. Nothing keeps people honest like the threat of getting whacked by the big stick.

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  1. There is a picture of Mussolini, head up looking down his nose that has always reminded me of Obama as he does the same thing (head up, looking down his nose) in every picture you see of him. (Narcissism) I wonder if he will meet the same fate?

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