Why Does Everyone In The Western World Think That Arabs Are Liars?

What happened on 9/11 was not anecdotal. It was follow-through for promises made from the Middle East.

To be considered untrustworthy, is amongst the worst of perceptions one can have. If one is without the merit of being trusted. What kind of coexistence is possible with relatives, friends and neighbors without trust? Without the foundation of trust, there can be no other foundation upon which to build a relationship. None whatsoever.

If I continuously lied to you, or misled you, purposefully, or not, would you continue to read what I write? You would not. Not because you might disagree with my thoughts and comments. But; rather, because whatever I had to say would be “IRRELEVANT”. And that is the crux of this editorial.

Every time the Middle Eastern Arabs claim to be at “war” with the West, or with Israel, we don’t believe them. When Yasser Arafat calls for a “Jihad” against Israel, no one takes him seriously. When Islamic clerics scream for the destruction of the “decadent” West, the threats seem to fall on deaf ears in the West. When Saddam Hussein speaks about the eventual destruction of the USA. We hear his words as little more than hyperbole. This is not good.

For the West to ignore the threats and pledges of destruction to our way of life from the Middle Eastern Arab world is not a good thing. Unless of course, the West is utterly convinced that the Middle Eastern Arabs are nothing but liars. But even liars sometime tell the truth.

If someone was to tell me, that he was going to come over to my house and do harm to me and mine, I would take that threat very seriously, and not just sit around waiting for the worst to happen; especially if that threat came from a person with a clear history of violence. I would demand that the authorities act to protect me and mine, and if they would not, then I would take whatever measures are necessary to do it myself.

There is no question in my mind; and history proves this out, that many Middle Eastern Arab leaders do have a lengthy history of lying: to each other, to themselves, and to the rest of the world. But they have also told the truth.

Why then, should we not thoroughly believe the Arabs when they say they are going to do serious harm to the West? I believe them. I have always believed them. But; even the Israelis seem to have a problem believing the Arabs.

How many times has Yasser Arafat and others within his Palestinian Authority declared a “state of war” against Israel. Yet; the Israelis carry-on business as usual. If a hostile group claiming sovereignty, were to declare a state of war against my country; and if I had the wherewithal to do something about it. I would. But even the Israelis don’t seem to take the Arabs at their word.

What happened on 9/11 was not anecdotal. It was follow-through for promises made from the Middle East. But; even with the massive death and destruction brought about by Islamic Arab terrorists on 9/11; many within the world, including some people in the USA still don’t believe the Arabs when they say they are at war with the West.

I am not a fan of George W Bush’s White House. But; I am in full support of his declaration of war against terrorists, and the nations which support and shelter terrorists. If the rest of the world does not have the moral courage to preempt an attack against these horrible people, then America must be prepared to go it alone, and maintain a clear memory of everyone who will stand with the USA, and everyone who will not.

We can not wait for the Arabs and Islamists to build-up their stores of weapons which will wreak havoc upon the Western world, especially the USA. It is quite imperative that we take the Arabs at their word and strike now. And if they are lying about their stated commitment to murder the West, tough luck. They shouldn’t lie.

It is not as if there is no history in this vein to be our guide.

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  1. Obama should never have been elected to the IL state senate, let alone the US Senate. However, the insane liberals in te media, instead of doing their background checks, fell in love with the idea of the first black POTUS in their lifetime. They have ensured that Obama may be the ONLY one by convincing the low information voters to elect this total incompetent.

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