Our Best Wishes

Have a wonderful holiday; regardless of what you celebrate.

As Christmas and the New Year approach; we are asked from time to time what we are thankful for, and what we are hopeful for in the New Year. Up till now, we were at a loss for words. But; finally, we know what we are most thankful and hopeful for.

First: We are thankful for the USA. We can not imagine the world without the might, courage and philosophy of the Americans. Without our Step-Uncle to the South, the world would be a much more frightening place.

Second: We look forward to the rebuilding of our economy and social structures. We have an opportunity today, to make more out of ourselves, and how we live, than we have had in the past.

We don’t know what the vast majority will do with this chance. But, we do know what we are going to do. We will work harder and smarter. And achieve the goals needed to allow us to write to you again next year.

Have a wonderful holiday; regardless of what you celebrate. And make certain that whatever it is that you resolve for the New Year, also includes something good for someone else.

Best Regards

Anne And Howard

The Galganovs Of Alexandria

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  1. Re: Pollard
    Pollard was convicted en camera because the U.S. government tried to avoid increasing anti-Semitism in the US. He spied for Israel. Another factor they tried to conceal was Israel used U.S. defense secrets to trade with Russia (during the cold war)for Jewish immigrants from Russia. Just being Jewish doesn’t make him good.

    Marvin A. Hodges
    San Diego, California

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