Margaret Atwood And The Rest Of Her Crowd Take The Side Of Iraq.

The "intellectuals" seem to have forgotten a few significant FACTS about this poor misunderstood nation called Iraq,led by their favorite son Saddam.

Canadian writer, and intellectual elitist par excellence, Margaret Atwood, and a host of others who make their living on the elitist circuit have just stepped into the “Why Not Attack Iraq” fray.

I have read their “proclamation” which she and her other like-minded friends signed. It states a great many reasons why the USA, and specifically the world-body should not go to war against Iraq. It talks about the suffering of the Iraqi people, especially due to the UN boycotts. It talks about no real proof of Iraq holding weapons of mass destruction. And it talks about the need to open a dialogue.

The “intellectuals” seem to have forgotten a few significant FACTS about this poor misunderstood nation called Iraq, led by their favorite son Saddam.

Iraq invaded its neighbor Iran in 1980, in search of taking over much of the Persian country’s Shatt al Arab Waterway as its excuse to go to war. And by the time this war ended in 1988, there were more than One Million people killed. It is only fair to include that Iran was no innocent in this matter either. However; it was Iraq who first went to war. And what the elitists seem to forget about this war, is that Iraq had no problem in using poison gas against its Iranian enemy.

In 1988, it was reported, and generally accepted that Iraq used poison gas to murder as many as 5,000 people; men, women, children and their animals in the Kurdish town of Hablaja. The elitists seem to forget this.

In 1990, Iraq invaded its other neighbor to the South, Kuwait, in the pretense that it was simply reclaiming its lost territory. The Iraqi invasion was swift and brutal. I don’t know if Iraq actually used chemical or biological weapons in this war. But in its retreat from advancing coalition forces, Iraq turned all of the Kuwaiti oil fields (wherever they could) into a burning inferno that might have been the greatest single environmental disaster in history. This too, the elitists seem to forget.

The elitists such as Margaret Atwood and her pals also conveniently forget that Iraq fired Scud missiles onto the sovereign state of Israel during the Gulf War, even though Israel had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anything that was happening in the Gulf. Atwood and her ilk, including the “stalwart” UN said nothing. But what the hell, in their minds, Israel probably deserved it anyway.

On September 11, 2001, two commercial jetliners laden with fuel crashed into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. A short time later, another commercial jetliner crashed into the Pentagon. And then a third, probably destined for the Capital Building in Washington DC, instead crashed into a Pennsylvania field, only because of the bravery of the passengers onboard.

While it “might” be true that Iraq had nothing to do with the incidents of 9/11. It is also true that the belief in the invulnerability of the USA was shattered in the smouldering ruins of 9/11. And if the American government ever had reason to strike first against a proclaimed enemy, 9/11 gave them that reason.

Iraq is such an enemy, that whether the UN inspectors are allowed back into Iraq, to inspect whatever, whenever and wherever they wish is irrelevant. Iraq has proven, not just once, but at least FIVE times, that it is willing to utilize whatever weapons it has at its disposal, to wreak havoc and whatever carnage it can, against whomever Iraq believes to be its enemy.

1980: The War Against Iran.

1988: The Gassing Of Kurds.

1990: The Invasion Of Kuwait.

1991: The Burning Of Kuwaiti Oil Fields.

1991: Unprovoked Scud Missile Attacks Into Israel.

In all, millions of people have died and have been permanently scarred by Iraq since 1980. How much more proof do the elitists need before they can agree that Iraq, especially under Saddam Hussein, is a dangerous country that has to be dealt with; sooner rather than later?

Can these elitist bubble-heads, even in their wildest rose colored imagination, not understand that Iraq would use any weapon of mass destruction, including a nuclear weapon if he could get hold of one, on anyone Iraq perceives to be its enemy? What will the elitists say if one day Saddam says:

“Hello world. Guess what? I have a nuclear weapon, and a means to deliver it. I can hit New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Tel Aviv. Well you name it, and I can hit it. As a matter of fact, the weapons are already in place in all of these centers, and unless we can negotiate on my terms – kaboom”!

What then? Will the elitists finally give their blessing to take Iraq out, after it’s too late?

In 1938, the world appeased Adolf Hitler and surrendered the Czech Sudetenland. By 1939, the world was at war against one of the greatest monsters of all time.

If we ignore Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, we will repeat history. If Saddam can mobilize the rest of the Arab world, and the Islamists worldwide, it will create a catastrophe like none other. And every day that passes, where arguments for restraint against Iraq delays what must be done, is yet another day that allows Saddam and his allies to strengthen themselves and become more of a threat to the world.

Remember, it was just a few months ago, when the entire Arab world declared: “that an attack against Iraq, is an attack against all the Middle Eastern Arab countries”. And if the Arab world believes, even for a second, that Iraq could really stand up to the “Great Satan”, and hold its own – then the catastrophe will be upon us.

None of should forget two images.

The first: As the Scud Missiles were falling upon Israel, Yasser Arafat, the self declared ally and supporter of Saddam Hussein, and his Palestinian people were dancing on the roof tops of their West Bank and Gaza homes.

The Second: As the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash were still burning, and people dying: Arabs worldwide, even amongst the USA’s Arab “friends” and “allies”, were dancing in the streets at the sheer image of the USA in flames.

Let the elitist intellectuals ponder that.

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